Month: October 2018

Oct 31

A rough start leads to a happy pumpkin

My student, seven year old Nick, has been doing great in school! When I first met him, he didn’t seem to enjoy school very much. He definitely didn’t like seeing me once a week. He didn’t want to talk to me, he didn’t want tutoring, and he basically had a bad attitude every time he would see me. His behavior was not great, to say the least. His mom would thank me often for having so much patience with him.

I have been tutoring him for about seven or eight months now. Every time he sees me now, he gets so excited! He seems to enjoy school very much! He loves math, and he’s always so excited to show me how much he has learned! He’s such a bright kid, and I’m so happy I get to tutor him once a week. I’ve seen him progress academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. I’m so proud of him!

Most of all, I am so grateful that School on Wheels has given me the opportunity to be a light in the path of a young soul who just needs a little bit of guidance in the right direction. Nick is still so young and has his whole life ahead of him! I hope and pray that I will make even the slightest impact on his life to help him succeed in the future. Nick has so much academic potential! I’m very excited to see him succeed step by step. I have posted his latest masterpiece, a minion pumpkin!

Alexis Chavez
School on Wheels Tutor

Oct 16

Tutor Anniversaries October 2018

We would like to give a huge shout out to all of these amazing tutors who have volunteered with us for a year or more! We couldn’t impact the lives of thousands of children without you.

Ten Years
Michael Hacker

Seven Years
Lilian Pahn

Six Years
Margie Johnson

Five Years
Sarah Lilley

Four Years
Sasana Kachirsky
Darren Sepanek
Jonathan Simmons
Shauna Longstaff
Brenda Godinez

Three Years
Christian Avalos
Michael Erzingher
Miryae Youn
Marcy Anderson

Two Years
Madison Whitt
Jennah Noorzayee
Ian Lee
Anna Lee
Edward Urtiaga
Allison Anguren
Nirukshi Henry
Dinil Henry
Teresa Chung
Cristina Starr
Elizabeth Carlisle
Andrea Reinkensmeyer
Minna Chae
Milan Narula
Patty Le

One Year
Leah Myette
Jamie Buell
Eboney Stephens
Donna Ramirez
Michele Aronson
Paige Bonanno
Miguel Padron
Dalia Quezada
Lara Rosenberg
Vanessa Gonzalez
Fahnia Thomas
Emily Lara
Marjorie Burrows
Stephanie Katz
Spencer Harnish
Naomi Anaya
Aleksandra Davies
Martha Doran
Cecile Bernard
Diamond Bui
Leonard Gumlia
Ryan Gumlia