Author: Kathleen Brennecke

Feb 25

The School on Wheels Podcast Episode 2: Digital Learning

In the second episode of our new podcast, Katie Brennecke interviews two members of our programs team about digital learning, digital literacy, and technology at School on Wheels. Ian Chan, Program Administrator and original digital learning champion, discusses our students’ access to digital learning has developed over time. Emma Gerch, Online Tutoring Coordinator, walks Katie through online tutoring, virtual field trips, and the newly developed digital literacy program.

If you want to learn more about the various digital learning programs available to you and your student, please visit our our tutor resources page. While you’re there, you can also find more information about our digital literacy program and watch Emma’s webinar.

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Dec 27

Welcome to the School on Wheels Podcast

And so it begins!

School on Wheels is proud to bring you a brand new podcast about tutoring, homelessness, and the experiences of our volunteers, staff, and students.

With the decade swiftly coming to a close, we decided the time has come for our tutor education to take on a newer format–a shorter, more playful, more digestible format. In this podcast, you will have a chance to hear the stories of tutors who have overcome challenges with their students. You will hear interviews with experts on education, child development, and homelessness. You will hear sound bites from some of our students. Hopefully, you will hear something that helps or inspires you.

Join our Training and Development Coordinator, Katie Brennecke, as she introduces you all to our new Executive Director, Charles Evans, in a short-and-sweet interview. Enjoy!

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Dec 3

The College Application Essay: A Guide for Tutors

The college application process can be daunting for high school students and a challenge for those trying to guide students through the process. In particular, the application essay can be a critical piece of that puzzle. In this webinar, Brien Gorham walks us through how to help students parse the language of their prompts, strategies for structuring and organizing these essay (including best tips for using anecdotes), and methods for helping students find themes in the stories of their lives.

About the presenter:

Brien Gorham has over twenty years experience as a high school English teacher. After graduating from Villanova University, Brien taught in several public schools in New Jersey before moving to Seattle, where he spent six years teaching the Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart. He currently lives in Los Angeles as a freelance writer and video editor.

Download the slides here.