Mar 13

Annual Safety Update

Every year we publish our safety policies to remind volunteers of how important it is to comply with these mandated policies. At School on Wheels, we do everything we can to protect our students – the most vulnerable children in our society. We also want to safeguard our volunteers from potential risks. Please review these mandatory policies again to help ensure the safety of our students, as well as our volunteers. 

Tutoring Policy

  • Tutoring must take place in a public area and has to be scheduled so that two or more tutors are present at the same time and place. For smaller locations, libraries or other public locations with only one tutor, the tutor must work with their student within sight and earshot of another adult (shelter staff/ residents, library staff or parents).
  • Tutors must refrain from initiating physical contact with students and must report immediately to their coordinator or School on Wheels staff if they feel uncomfortable in a situation.
  • Tutors are required to wear their School on Wheels badges to identify they are tutors and so that our students become comfortable with our name and logo. Please let your coordinator know if you need a new badge.

Field Trip Safety Policy

  • Tutors who wish to take students on field trips must consult and follow the SOW field trip policy. Tutors cannot provide transportation outside of this policy. If tutoring takes place outside a shelter, the parent/guardian is responsible for the student’s attendance and transportation. All parents/guardians must stay at the location for the duration of the off-site session.

Logging Policy

  • Volunteers are required to log all tutoring hours via the School on Wheels database. Logging is a critical and a mandatory part of being a volunteer in our program. This policy is first and foremost for the safety and security of our students, but also to protect our tutors. With accurate logging, we can identify exactly who, where and when tutoring takes place.

The safety of our students is a sacred trust. We cannot compromise that. I know you agree. Thank you so much for being a wonderful volunteer and ensuring the safety of your student. If you have any questions, please contact your coordinator. 

Catherine Meek
Executive Director

Mar 12

Lego Robotics at Good Shepherd Shelter

Our students at Good Shepherd Shelter were gifted with a LEGO Robotics Kit, which the shelter’s school has integrated into their science curriculum. This kit includes 280 pieces, a battery-powered Hub, and a small motor. Students are using tablets from our Digital Learning Center to access the app and design their Lego models. Students look forward to building a new creation each week. We hope to expand this type of programming to more locations in the coming year, so stay tuned.

Mar 12

Ambassador Volunteer Program Kicks Off

In order to support and raise awareness of the work that our volunteer tutors do every day we are excited to announce our new volunteer ambassador program! Ambassadors are volunteers that are taking on additional responsibilities to help build community amongst existing tutors, recruit new tutors, and raise awareness of our work. Like you, these ambassadors support School on Wheels because they are concerned about the well-being of children experiencing homelessness and they believe in the power of education to change their lives.

We had our program launch event on March 9th and we want to extend a very big thank you to Bunny James for donating snack packs for our ambassadors as well as to Children’s Institute for allowing us to use their beautiful facilities!

Feb 28

2019 Digital Learning Day

In 2018, our students accessed over 38,000 hours of digital learning! This year, to celebrate #DLDay2019, our Skid Row Learning Center participated in Hour of Code – a fun and interactive hour of computer science. Younger students got a visit from the PBS SoCal Kids Mobile Learning Lab and participated in developing their STEM skills through games and engaging hands-on activities.

Make a difference this Digital Learning Day! With your support, we can provide digital devices for our students, online tutoring support, digital after-school programs, wifi and hotspots for learning on the go! Visit to donate!

Jan 24

Tutor Anniversaries January 2018

We would like to give a huge shout out to all of these amazing tutors who have volunteered with us for a year or more! We couldn’t impact the lives of thousands of children without you.

Ten Years
Linda Huddle

Nine Years
Janet Chacon

Six Years
Rebecca Gutierrez
Stephanie Jost

Five Years
Marcia Pettway
Ladan Sheikholeslam
Linda Gottlieb

Four Years
Melissa Vazquez
Jesse Valenzuela
Shweta Stowitts
Jacklin Diebold

Three Years
Rachel Earle
Deborah Myers
Geoffrey Theiss
Charissa Karmel Balandra
Leticia Ortiz

Two Years
Nicholas Ellis
Nellie Manoukian
Carla Guerrero
Gabriela Nunez
Ani Shirinyan
Ameen Seyedroudbari
Amy Tracewell
Emma Tracewell
Louis Ehwerhemuepha
Madison Lavecchia
Marie Morrison
Jami Nourse

One Year
Julia Alfaro
Marcos Reyes Jr
Nayelie Aguiar- Jauregui
Evelyn Franco
Charlotte Kim
Nia Mosby
Rachel Harris
Julie Skarwecki
Desiree Taormina
Kristina Harris
Janet Van Ham
Clara Fu
Lena Block
Sarah Sotirin
Kathy Baba
Marina Straziuso
Gabriela Alves
Mario Barra
Dennis Gamble
Georgia Macy
Katie Tarses
Stephanie Streeter
Graham Hall
Rachel Toenjes
Victor Pahua
Jennifer Artunian
Isis Frausto-Vicencio
Fariba Yegan
Francesca Davis
Juvicfil Marie Sundwall
Gayaneh Shirvanian
Winnie Wang
Bixia Liu
Param Singh
Tej Singh
Josh Schwartz
Jacqueline Garcia
Felicia Guzman
Alyssa Blacker
Alexis Chavez
Shanika Bilal
Michael Weiser
Madalynn Cross
Chandra Koka
Amy Mattison
Rebecca Sul
Sunny Woods
Giorgia De Martini
Nadia Luna
Alexander Nguyen
Christine Ramirez
Mala Mirpuri
Tyson Helzer
Briana Gigliotti
Charlene Cheng
Wenhao Zhao
Megan Brys
Undariya Boldbaatar
Leo Helzer
Sameer Gupta