Nov 20

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Every month, School on Wheels hosts educational workshops for tutors on topics varying from tutoring tips and techniques to behavior and motivation. You can browse our previous workshop recordings and additional materials or find workshops related to a particular subject by clicking on one of the following tags:

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Oct 27

Minerva Award 2009


2009 Minerva Award Winners from left to right: Helen Waukazoo, Dr. Kathy Hull, Agnes Stevens and Dr. Jane Goodall

In 2009, our founder, Agnes Stevens, received the Minerva Award which has become the country’s most prestigious award given to women “who serve on the front-lines of humanity.”

Apr 3

World’s Children’s Prize for the Rights of the Child 2008

WCPRC 2008

HRM Queen Silvia of Sweden and the prize laureates.

Agnes Stevens’ 20 year fight on behalf of homeless children was recognized in 2008, when she became one of three women to receive this special honor. Known as the children’s “Nobel Prize,” winners are chosen by a global vote from a pool of 17 million children in 37,000 schools in 92 countries. It is the world’s most prestigious prize for defenders of children.