Assessment Resources

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Simply match the question(s) your student answered incorrectly on an assessment with the resources below:

Kindergarten – ELA

QUESTION: I can write my first and last name.

{Know How to Capitalize Names, First Word of a Sentence, and the Pronoun I | CCSS L.K.2}

          •   Capitalization: Name
          •   Capitalization: First words in a sentence

QUESTION: I can write my uppercase letters.

{Letters & Alphabet | CCSS L.K.1.A & RF.K.1.D}

          •   Capitalization: Name

QUESTION: I can name my lowercase letters shown above.

{Letters & Alphabet | CCSS L.K.1.A & RF.K.1.D }

          •  Upper Case Letters Lesson
          •  Lower Case Letters Lesson
          •  Letters Represent Sounds
          •  Order of Letters (uppercase)
          •  Order of Letters (lowercase)
          •  Beginning Sounds

QUESTION: What rhymes with cat?.

{Rhyming words | CCSS R.F.K.2.A}

          •  Rhyming Words: Picture Matching

QUESTION: What rhymes with bug?

{Rhyming words | CCSS R.F.K.2.A}

          •  Matching Words That Rhyme
          •  Circle the Words that Rhyme
          •  Various Rhyming Games


1st Grade – ELA

QUESTION: How many syllables are in the word “computer”?

{Understand the Concept of Syllables | CCSS RF.1.3.D}

          •   Syllables Worksheet
          •   Syllable Counting Worksheet
          •   Various Divide Syllables Worksheets
          •   Various Syllable Worksheets
          •   Various Syllable Worksheets & Activities
          •   Activity Idea for Tutors
          •   Clap the Syllables
          •   Syllable Games
          •   Separate the Consonants

QUESTION: What is the correct way to write the sentence below?

{Recognize parts of a sentence. Punctuation (Period, Question Mark, Exclamation Mark) | CCSS L.1.2.B & RF.1.1.A}

          •   End Punctuation
          •   What Goes at the End?
          •   Punctuation
          •   End Punctuation
          •   What is at the End?
          •   Punctuation Games

QUESTION: Choose the proper nouns that should be capitalized in the sentence.

{Proper & Common Nouns | CCSS L.1.2.A}

          •   Identify Nouns
          •   Various Noun Worksheets
          •   Noun Activity
          •   Various Noun Activities
          •   Common & Proper Noun
          •   Replace with Proper Nouns
          •   Common & Proper Noun
          •   Common & Proper Nouns Activity
          •   Common & Proper Nouns in Pictures

QUESTION: What is the story about?

{Know Key Details in a Text | CCSS RL.1.1, RL.1.2, & RL.1.3}

          •  Various Main Idea Worksheets

QUESTION: Where did Spot finally take a nap?

{Know Key Details in a Text | CCSS RL.1.1, RL.1.2, & RL.1.3}

          •  For Tutors: First grade instruction tips for reading
          •  A Happy Ending


2nd Grade – ELA

QUESTION: Find the word that has the same sound as the underlined letter in the word shown above.

{Distinguish Long and Short Vowels | CCSS RF.2.3.A}

          •   Various Vowel Worksheets
          •   Vowel Activities

QUESTION: What is the past tense of the verb sit?

{Irregular Verbs [Past Tense] | CCSS L.2.1.D}

          •   List of Common Irregular Verbs
          •   Irregular Verbs in Simple Past Tense
          •   Regular & Irregular Verbs
          •   Various Worksheets

QUESTION: Identify the adjective and the adverb in the sentence below.

{Adjectives & Adverbs | CCSS L.2.1.E}

          •   What’s the Adjective?
          •   What’s the Adverb?
          •   Various Adjective Worksheets
          •   Various Adverbs Worksheets
          •   Adjectives & Adverbs Worksheets

QUESTION: In the words “unhappy” and “unusual”, the “un-” means _____.

{Using Prefix & Suffix to Define a Word | CCSS L.2.4.B }

          •   Various Prefix Worksheets
          •   Roots, Prefixes, and Suffixes
          •   Suffixes
          •   Prefixes

QUESTION: Which sentence is written correctly?

{Capitalization: Holidays, Product Names, & Geographic Names | CCSS L.2.2.A}

          •   Capitalization
          •   Captain Capitalization!
          •   Scotty’s Castle


3rd Grade – ELA

QUESTION: Which word is the correct plural for the word “wolf”?

{Know About Irregular Plural Nouns | CCSS L.2.1.B}

            Irregular Plural Nouns Worksheets & Activities
            Even More Irregular Plural Nouns
            More on Plurals

QUESTION: Read the sentence below. Which of the following shows the correct tense for the verb in quotation marks?

{Form and Use Simple Verb Tenses | CCSS L.3.1.E}

            Learning About Verb Tenses
            Simple Present Tense
            Verb Tenses

QUESTION: In sentence 2, “hopping” should be spelled:

{Be Able to Ask and Answer Questions from a Text | CCSS RI.3.1 & RF.3.4}

  The Writing Folder (See Sections Prompts, Editing, and Helps)

QUESTION: After sentence 6, Amy should add a sentence that explains:

{Be Able to Ask and Answer Questions from a Text | CCSS RI.3.1 & RF.3.4}

          •   The Writing Folder (See Sections Prompts, Editing, and Helps)

QUESTION: Which of these is NOT a complete sentence?

{Be Able to Ask and Answer Questions from a Text | CCSS RI.3.1 & RF.3.4}

          •   The Writing Folder (See Sections Prompts, Editing, and Helps)


4th Grade – ELA

QUESTION: Which of these is a synonym for the word “harm”?

{Identifying Word Definition Using Synonym/Antonym Analogy | CCSS L.4.5.C}

          •   Synonyms
          •   Antonyms
          •   More Antonyms
          •   More Synonyms

QUESTION: Which word is NOT spelled correctly?

{Spell Grade Appropriate Words Correctly | CCSS L.4.2.D}

          •   Vocabulary
          •   The Vocab Game
          •   Spelling Bees
          •   Must Pop Words

QUESTION: Read the sentences. Which is the BEST way to combine the ideas in these sentences?

{Learning How to Use Commas to Separate Coordinate Adjective | CCSS L.4.2.C}

          •   See Comma Uses (Exercise 2)
          •   Introduction to Combining Sentences
          •   Using Commas With Coordinating Conjunctions

QUESTION: Read the sentence [in quotation marks directly below]. Pick the correct word to fill in the blank.

{Correctly Use Frequently Confused Words | CCSS L.4.1.G}

          •   Test Your Knowledge
          •   Commonly Confused Words
          •   Game
          •   Lie/Lay
          •   There, They’re, Their
          •   Its and It’s

QUESTION: In which sentence does the word SQUEEZE have the same meaning as the sentence in the box?

{Determine Meaning of Words through Sentence Context | CCSS RL.4.4}

          •   Secret Garden: Context Clues
          •   Context Clues Grid
          •   Determine the Meaning
          •   Context Clues and Meaning


5th Grade – ELA

QUESTION: Complete the sentence by putting the words EITHER and OR in the proper blanks.

{Understand How to Use Correlative Conjunctions [Either/Or, Neither/Nor] | CCSS L.5.1.E}

          •   Either/Or Neither/Nor
          •   Either, Neither

QUESTION: Read the sentence Which would would BEST connect the two independent clauses in this sentence?

{Understand Conjunctions | CCSS L.5.1.A}

          •   Conjunctions
          •   Practice Packet (See Pages 2, 4, 5, 6)
          •   Grammar Practice Book, Page 14 (Conjunctions)
          •   Subordinate or Coordinate Conjunctions

QUESTION: What is Elijah’s main problem in the story?

{Be Able to Read and Comprehend Grade Appropriate Texts | CCSS RL.5.10, RL.5.2, RL.5.4}

          •   Point of View

QUESTION: How does Elijah begin to solve his problem?

{Be Able to Read and Comprehend Grade Appropriate Texts | CCSS RL.5.10, RL.5.2, RL.5.4}

          •   Alice in Wonderland-Reading Comprehension Exercise

QUESTION: When the music box plays again, it is a symbol of:

{Be Able to Read and Comprehend Grade Appropriate Texts | CCSS RL.5.10, RL.5.2, RL.5.4}

          •   Casey at the Bat-Reading Comprehension Exercise
          •   The Fox and the Stork


6th Grade – ELA

QUESTION: Lauren told Valerie and (I, me) that she’s going to the market.

{Possessive, Subject, Object, Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns | CCSS L.6.1.A & L.6.1.B}

            Possessive Pronouns

QUESTION: After getting into a terrible argument (she, her) and (he, him) finally reconciled.

{Possessive, Subject, Object, Reflexive and Intensive Pronouns | CCSS L.6.1.A & L.6.1.B}

          •   More Possessive Pronouns
            Pronoun Packet
            Pronoun Agreement
            Subject and Object Pronoun
            Pronouns and Antecedents

QUESTION: What is the best way to re-write the following sentence?

{Colons and Semicolons | CCSS L.6.2.A}

          •   Colon
            Colon and Semicolon

QUESTION: What does the word “elaborate” mean in the sentence below?

{Determine Meaning of a Word Meaning through Sentence Context | CCSS L.6.4.A & R.I.6.4}

          •   Synonyms and Word Meaning
            What Does the Word Mean?
            Context Clues and Word Meaning
          •   Context Clues: Contrast Clues
            Context Clues: Synonym

QUESTION: “optimism” is made up of the prefix opti-, which means best, and the suffix -ism, which means belief or attitude.
From this information, what does optimism mean?

          {Determine Meaning of a Word Using Knowledge of Commonly Used Prefixes & Suffixes | CCSS L.6.4.B}

          •   Lesson Plan-Read, Write, Think
            Prefix and Suffix Activities


7th Grade – ELA

QUESTION: Which sentence has a dangling modifier?

{Know About Dangling and Misplaced Modifiers | CCSS L.7.1.C}

          •   Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
          •   Practice Your Modifiers
          •   Correcting Dangling Modifiers
          •   Dangling Modifier Game

QUESTION: Why are the words “drop” and “cover” capitalized? Choose the best answer below.

{Determine Meaning of Words through Sentence Context) | CCSS R.I.7.4 & R.I.7.9}

          •   Denotation & Connotation

QUESTION: Why are there quotation marks around the word, “feel”
and the phrase, “listen to”? Choose the best answer.

          {Know How to Closely Read Text (Determine Meaning of Words through Sentence Context) | CCSS R.I.7.4 & R.I.7.9}

          •   Close Reading of Literary Texts
          •   Sonic Patterns & Poetry
          •   Reading Seamus Heaney
          •   Various Worksheets

QUESTION: In what ways are the articles similar? Choose the best answer below.

{Comparing and Contrasting Informational Texts | CCSS R.I.7.7}

          •   Old vs. New
          •   Various Activities

QUESTION: In what ways are the articles different? Choose the best answer below.

{Know How to Closely Read Text (Determine Meaning of Words through Sentence Context) | CCSS R.I.7.4 & R.I.7.9}

          •   Old vs. New
          •   Various Activities


Kindergarten – Math

QUESTION: I can count to 100.

{Count & Write 1-100 | CCSS K.CC.A.1 & K.CC.A.3}

          •   Number Chart

QUESTION: I can write my numbers 1-20.

{Count & Write 1-100 | CCSS K.CC.A.1 & K.CC.A.3}

          •   Number Worksheets (1-100)
          •   Various Activities: Counting & Cardinality-Pinterest
          •   Missing Numbers (Worksheet #1)
          •   Missing Numbers (Worksheet #2)
          •   Missing Numbers (Blank Worksheet)

QUESTION: What’s the name of the shape shown below?

{Identifying Shapes | CCSS K.G.A.2}

          •   Trace the Numbers and Draw the Shapes
          •   Shape Checklist
          •   Shape Bingo
          •   Color the Shapes
          •   Trace & Draw the Shapes

QUESTION: Are there more hearts or stars in the picture shown below?

{Understand the Concept of Inequality through Objects | CCSS K.CC.C.6}

          •   Various Worksheets

QUESTION: Look at the picture below. If you add 5 more circles in this picture, how many circles will there be altogether?

{Represent Addition & Subtraction through Objects| CCSS K.O.A.A.1}

          •   Count & Compare
          •   Comparing Numbers


1st Grade – Math

QUESTION: Catherine is counting books at the library. She has just counted the 38th book. What numbers will Catherine say for the next 5 books?

{Patterns & Sequences [Recognize & Continue Simple Sequences] | CCSS 1.NBT.A.1}

          •   Counting Patterns Worksheets
          •   Number Sequence Game

QUESTION: Compare the numbers 18 ___ 20 by using the correct symbol: <, >, =.

{Comparing Multi-Digit Numbers | CCSS 1.NBT.3}

          •   Larger & Smaller Numbers
          •   Ice Cream Numbers
          •   Comparing Numbers
          •   Various Comparing Activities

QUESTION: 10 birds were sitting on a fence. 4 birds flew away. How many birds are sitting on the fence now?

{Word Problem [Addition & Subtraction] | CCSS 1.OA.A.1 & 1.OA.C.6}

          •   Various Worksheets
          •   Addition & Subtraction Word Problems (Level 1)
          •   Addition & Subtraction Word Problems (Level 2)
          •   Writing Addition & Subtraction Sentences

QUESTION: What is the best equation to use to solve the problem from the word problem above (question 8)?

{Can Write Addition & Subtraction Equations | CCSS 1.OA.A.1 & 1.OA.C.6}

          •   Various Write an Equation Worksheets
          •   Various Activities (Missing Numbers Game)

QUESTION: What time is it on the clock shown below?

{Tell & Write Time | CCSS 1.MD.B.3}

          •   Various Time Worksheets
          •   Tell Time with a Labeled Clock
          •   Tell Time without Labels


2nd Grade – Math

QUESTION: A number has nine ones, six tens, and eight hundreds. What is the number?

{Numeric, Standard, and Expanded Form | CCSS 2.NBT.A.1}

          •   Write in Expanded Form
          •   Word to Numeric
          •   Numeric to Word

QUESTION: Ian was skip-counting the books by 5s. He already counted 185 books.
As he continues to skip-count by 5s, what are the next five numbers he will count?

          {Count within 1,000; Skip Count by 5s, 10s, and 100s | CCSS 2.NBT.2 }

          •   Skip Counting by 5s
          •   Skip Counting by 10s
          •   Skip Counting by 100s
          •   Count by 5s
          •   Skip Counting Worksheets

QUESTION: Tom has four quarters, two dimes, and one nickel. How much money does he have?

{Solve Word Problems Involving Money | CCSS 2.MD.C.8}

          •   Smart
          •   Clean-Up the Money
          •   More Coins
          •   Matching Coins
          •   Draw the Amount
          •   Write the Amount

QUESTION: Movie started at eleven o’clock A.M. and lasted three hours. At what time did the movie end?

{Tell Time | CCSS 2.MD.7}

          •   Time Worksheets
          •   Time Word Problem
          •   Match the Times
          •   Write the Time

QUESTION: Look at the graph below. How many fish did Henry and Kristen catch in all together?

{Add & Subtract Within 1,000 | CCSS 2.NBT.B.7}

          •   Adding Three-Digit numbers
          •   Subtracting within 1000
          •   Three-Digit Addition
          •   Three-Digit Subtraction


3rd Grade – Math

QUESTION: What is 1413 rounded to the nearest hundred?

{Rounding Numbers to the Nearest Ten or Hundred | CCSS 3.NBT.1}

          •   Round to the Nearest 10 or 100
          •   Rounding Worksheets
          •   Rounding On a Number Line

QUESTION: What is the answer to the subtraction question below? (902-273)

{Fluently Add and Subtract within 1000 | CCSS 3.NBT.2}

          •   Addition Within 1000
          •   Subtraction Within 1000
          •   Addition & Subtraction Within 1000

QUESTION: A company has 6 big trucks. Each truck has 18 wheels. How many wheels is this in all?

{Know How to Multiply and Divide | CCSS 3.OA.A.3}

          •   Multiplying by 5s
          •   Dividing by 5s
          •   Multiplication Packet
          •   Applying Division
          •   Applying Multiplication & Division

QUESTION: Tim has made rows of apples (shown below). Write a number sentence be used to find the total number of apples.

{Understand Basic Concepts of Multiplication | CCSS 3.OA.A.1}

          •   Meaning of Multiplication Activity
          •   Multiplying One-Digit Number
          •   Beginning Multiplication

QUESTION: Look at the number pattern below. What number comes next in this pattern?

{Identify Arithmetic Patterns | CCSS 3.OA.D.9}

          •   Math Patterns


4th Grade – Math

QUESTION: Select the best answer: Which of these is the number 5,005,014?

{Know How to Read and Write Multi-Digit Numbers | CCSS 4.NBT.A.2}

          •   Writing Numbers

QUESTION: What number is 38,708 rounded to the nearest thousand?

{Use Place Value to Rounding Multi-Digits | CCSS 4.NBT.A.3}

          •   Rounding and Place Value
          •   Rounding Whole Numbers
          •   Rounding Worksheet 1
          •   Rounding Worksheet 2

QUESTION: 2489 + 1678 = _____

{Fluently Add Multi-Digits | CCSS 4.NBT}

          •   Addition – Worksheet 1
          •   Addition – Worksheet 2
          •   Subtraction – Worksheet 1
          •   Subtraction – Worksheet 2

QUESTION: On Thursday Chris drove 167 miles, on Friday he drove 68 miles, and on Saturday he drove 73 miles.
Approximately how many miles did Chris drive in the three days?

          {Multiply or Divide to Solve Word Problems. Solve Two Step Word Problems | CCSS 4.OA.2 & 4.OA.A.3}

          •   Khan Academy-1

QUESTION: A club’s 1st meeting was attended by 28 people. There were 4 times fewer people in the 2nd meeting than the 1st.
How many people attended the 2nd meeting?

          {Multiply or Divide to Solve Word Problems. Solve Two Step Word Problems | CCSS 4.OA.2 & 4.OA.A.3}

          •   Multiplication Word Problems
          •   Division Word Problems
          •   Multiplication & Division Word Problems
          •   Mixed Practice Word Problem
          •   Age Problems


5th Grade – Math

QUESTION: What is 6050.287 rounded to the nearest tenth?

{Rounding Decimal Numbers | CCSS 5.NBT.A.4}

          •   Khan Academy-Rounding Decimals-1
          •   Khan Academy-Rounding Decimals-2
          •   Rounding Decimals Worksheets

QUESTION: At a school, there are 704 desks to place into 22 classrooms.
If the same number of desks is placed in each classroom, how many desks will be in each room?

          {Understand Relationship and Distinguish between Multiplication and Division | CCSS 5.NBT.6}

          •   Word Problem Exercise
          •   Multiplication & Division Word Problems

QUESTION: Write an expression that represents the product of n and 25.

{Know How to Write Simple Expressions | CCSS 5.OA.A.2}

          •   Constructing Expressions
          •   Choose the Correct Expression
          •   What’s the Right Algebraic Expression?

QUESTION: What value for z makes this equation true? 8X37= (8X30) + (8Xz)

{Know How to Evaluate Expressions with Parenthesis | CCSS 5.OA.A.1}

          •   Solving with Parenthesis

QUESTION: If s=4, what is the value of s(9-4)?

{Know How to Evaluate Expressions with Parenthesis | CCSS 5.OA.A.1}

          •   Introduction to Algebra
          •   Solving for Equations-Interactive Video
          •   Variables, Expressions, and Equations-Interactive Video
          •   Solve for the Variable
          •   Solve the Equation


6th Grade – Math

QUESTION: What shape(s) will you see on the coordinate plane after plotting the following vertices: (1,2); (-1,2); (1,-2), (-1,-2)?

{Plot Points and Draw Shapes on a Quadratic Plane | CCSS 6.G.A.3, 6.NS.C.6, 6.NS.C.6.C}

          •   Plot the Points
          •   Finding the Coordinates & Quadrant
          •   Shapes on a Coordinate Plane
          •   Plot Points & Polygon Classification

QUESTION: 25 x 30 = ____

{Multiplying Multi Digits | CCSS 6.NS.B.3}

          •   Multiplying Decimals Activity
          •   Sharpen Your Skills
          •   Multiplying Decimals Worksheet

QUESTION: Solve the equation below. (1/2)-(1/6)=___

{Adding & Subtracting Multi-Digit Decimals & Fractions | CCSS 6.NS.B.3}

          •   Adding and Subtracting Decimals
          •   Adding and Subtracting Fractions

QUESTION: Solve the equation below for x.

{Order of Operations | CCSS 6.EE.A.3}

          •   PEMDAS (Easy)
          •   PEMDAS (Medium)
          •   PEMDAS (Hard)

QUESTION: What is the greatest common factor (GCF) and least common multiple (LCM) of 5 and 10?

{Identifying Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiple | CCSS 6.NS.B.4}

          •   Least Common Multiple Activity
          •   Greatest Common Factor Activity
          •   GCF & LCM Word Problems
          •   GCF & LCM Activities


7th Grade – Math

QUESTION: Use the number line to solve the equation: -5 – 3 = ___

{Know How to Add & Subtract Numbers with Different Sign | CCSS 7.NS.A.1.B}

          •   Use the Number Line to Add & Subtract

QUESTION: Solve the equation below.

{Know How to Multiply and Divide Fractions | CCSS 7.NS.A.2}

            Multiplying Positive & Negative Fractions
            Dividing Fractions
            All About Multiplying Fractions
            Dividing Fractions Worksheet


          {Write Expressions to Solve a Problem | CCSS 7.EE.B.4}

            Writing Algebraic Expressions

QUESTION: Using the expression you created, solve the equation to find out how much Joe’s height changed each second.

{Write Expressions to Solve a Problem | CCSS 7.EE.B.4}

          •   Interactive Sample-Khan Academy
            Writing Expressions and Equations
            Simplify Products or Quotients of Single Variable Expressions

QUESTION: 2x + 3x = ____.

{Identifying & Interpreting Linear Expressions | CCSS 7.EE.A.1}

            Khan Academy Activity
            Khan Academy Exercise
            Interactive Sample 
            Practice Sheets


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