Corporate Supporters

Whether it’s through monetary gifts, in-kind donations, or volunteering, School on Wheels can individualize partnerships to meet the goals of each corporate donor while also meeting our mission of providing educational assistance to children experiencing homelessness. If your organization is interested in getting involved with School on Wheels, here are some of the possibilities:

Financial Support

Thousands of homeless children are waiting for help. We rely on financial contributions from our supporters to achieve our goal of doubling the number of children we serve.


With over 408 different tutoring locations, your employees can find volunteer opportunities where they live and work. Employee volunteers give your company greater exposure in the local community while actively supporting a meaningful cause.

In-Kind Donations

Partners can create in-kind donation programs that are a tremendous opportunity to showcase products and services to people and organizations that need them most. View our Student Wish List.

We are always happy to talk with corporations about possible sponsorships, partnerships, and opportunities. Please get in touch at

mail to: School on Wheels, P O Box 23371, Ventura, CA 93002 or call: (805) 641-1678

Student Wish List

Every child that we serve receives a NEW backpack filled with school supplies.

Next time you are shopping for school supplies for your family, why not pick up some extra and send them to School on Wheels? Please note – We only accept and distribute NEW backpacks, new school supplies, and new books.

Interested in running a supply drive or need more information about how to donate items? Learn more here.

  • Backpacks
  • Highlighters
  • Pencil cases
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Pens
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Binders
  • Erasers
  • Homework folders
  • Flash cards
  • Notebooks
  • Gel pens Laptops (2009 and newer)
  • Mini staplers
  • Staples
  • Mechanical pencils and lead
  • Scientific & graphing calculators (preferably solar)
  • 3-ring ruled paper (college-rule)
  • Book covers
  • Subject dividers
  • Arts & crafts materials
  • 3 x 5 Note cards
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Academic planners
  • Math and English (reading and writing) learning props
  • Math Flash Cards
  • Backpacks
  • Highlighters
  • Pencil cases
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored pencils
  • Pens
  • Pencil sharpeners
  • Binders
  • Erasers
  • Homework folders
  • Flash cards
  • Notebooks
  • Gel pens Laptops (2009 and newer)
  • Mini staplers
  • Staples
  • Mechanical pencils and lead
  • Scientific & graphing calculators (preferably solar)
  • 3-ring ruled paper (college-rule)
  • Book covers
  • Subject dividers
  • Arts & crafts materials
  • 3 x 5 Note cards
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Target gift cards
  • Starbucks gift cards
  • Academic planners
  • Math and English (reading and writing) learning props
  • Math Flash Cards

Ways to Donate

Donate Online

Make your gift online today through our secure form above.


Make your gift using your Paypal account.

Planned Giving

Consider making us part of your trust, bequest, or endowment. Please email Catherine Meek at contact [at]


Make ongoing gifts over a period of months or years. Monthly donations can be made online via credit card by selecting a Donation Frequency.

Employer Matching

Many companies will match the gifts of employees, their spouses and retired employees. Ask HR or the benefits office at your workplace for more information.

Tributes & Memorials

Give in memory or in honor of a loved one. Those honored will receive a personalized message from us. Fill out the dedication section on our donation form.

Shop with eScrip

eScrip works with merchant partners to contribute to groups like ours each time you shop – at no cost to you! Click “Sign Up” to register your grocery cards and debit/credit cards. Group ID # 500001892.

Use as your home page

Search the internet with GoodSearch and designate School on Wheels (Ventura, CA) as your charity of choice.

Shop at Target

We are a designated school under Target’s Take Charge of Education program. All you have to do is designate School on Wheels as your school of choice. Our identification # 117-796.

Join to support School on Wheels gives a donation every time you shop at any of their 927 participating stores at no additional cost to you. Install it as a browser add-on and search for School on Wheels.

Find AmazonSmile Items Online

Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice (hopefully School on Wheels!)

We are so grateful to the many foundations, organizations and individuals who make it possible for us to help homeless children.

Please consider becoming a School on Wheels subscriber with recurring donations. Your donation is 100% secure and confidential. We never share personal information. School on Wheels will not sell, trade or share a donor’s personal information with anyone else, nor send donor mailings on behalf of other organizations.

Donate Now

Our Friends in 2018

Gifts of $100,000+
  • Annenberg Foundation
    The Eisner Foundation Inc.
    Living Legacy Foundation
    Weingart Foundation
Gifts of $50,000+
  • BLT Enterprises
    The Edward A. and Ai O. Shay Family Foundation
    The Green Foundation
    The Mark Hughes Foundation
    The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
    The Roy & Patricia Disney Family Foundation
    Skylight Foundation
    Universal Studios Hollywood’s Discover A Star Foundation
Gifts of $30,000+
  • The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation
    Margaret M. Bloomfield Family Foundation The Sharon D. Lund Foundation
Gifts of $20,000+
  • Dora F. Levit Fund for People
    Edison International
    Frederick R. Weisman Philanthropic Foundation
    Joseph Drown Foundation
    Josh Fein & MaryJo Lauterio
    The Louis & Harold Price Foundation, Inc. Ludwick Family Foundation
    The Rose Hills Foundation
    Sawchuk Family Foundation
    Snap Inc.
    Steve and Stephanie Dahlberg
    The Thomas and Dorothy Leavey Foundation
    Sunair Children’s Foundation
    The Walt Disney Company Foundation
Gifts of $10,000+
  • Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc. Bluebird Legacy, Inc.
    Bowen H. & Janice Arthur McCoy Charitable Foundation
    Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation Catherine & Jarrod Phillips
    EcoMedia Inc.
    Crail-Johnson Foundation
    Devan & Tara Marshall
    Elizabeth Lopez
    Fidelity Charitable
    George Hoag Family Foundation
    John Shallman
    The Looker Foundation
    Lynn Gardner & Paul Multari
    Sherwood Family Foundation
    Symphonic Love Foundation
    University of California
    Irvine Wasserman Foundation
Gifts of $5,000+
  • Anonymous
    ARKA Charitable Fund LLC
    Beong-Soo Kim & Bonnie Wongtrakool
    The Blake Family Fund
    Catherine Meek & Al Earle
    Cliff Neiman & Andrea Halloran
    David Fein
    Ellen & Ben Padnos
    The Herman Foundation
    The Harper / Harpoothian Family Fund
    InSync Plus
    J.K. Barker Foundation
    Jackson & Jasmine George
    James & Cheryl Furlan
    Jason Grosfeld
    The Kim and Harold Louie Family Foundation
    Laurie Levit & Steven Ades
    Margaret Perella
    Matt Morris
    Meghan Geiselman
    Melissa Zukerman & Benjamin Goldfarb
    Nancy & Mike Wiggins
    Nathan Fielder / Nathan For You
    Paul Kobel
    Richard Rizika
    SAGE Publications, Inc.
    S & Lori Miller
    Scott Family Foundation, Inc.
    Sheppard, Mullen, Richter & Hampton LLP
    St. Bernardine Of Siena Church
    Wendy E. Pearson
Gifts of $2,000+
  • Anonymous
    Aspect Ratio
    Bel Air Investment Advisors
    Brett Butler & Jessica Baker
    Brigid O’Connor & Kevin Vollmer
    Carina MacKenzie
    Carl E. Wynn Foundation
    Catherine Hartmann
    Charlotte Hughes & Christopher Combs
    Chris Chambers Goodman & Marc Goodman
    Comerica Bank
    Daniel Vaughan
    Deacon Charitable Foundation
    Dora Seiffer
    Dorothy Patapoff
    ECMC Foundation
    Embraer Foundation
    Gordon & Haruko Froeb
    Heidi Godt
    Hybrid Foundation
    Ifeyinwa Olie
    Jenine Cravatt
    Jerold & Rosemary Shinbane
    Joann & Stan Benson
    Jodi Stancampiano
    Julia Lebedev
    Karl & Laura Slovin
    Kevin Durant
    Kristy Kallis
    Lark Ellen Lions Charities
    Lawrence Stein
    Lenia & Luis Sanchez
    Linda Ching
    Lisa Marie Parker Desai
    Loeks Family Fund
    Lois & Stephen Baar
    Loren Kosmont
    Lynn & Robert Stone
    University Church Of Christ, Malibu
    Mary Beth Christopher
    Max Ho
    Melissa Cobb
    Michael & Ellen Opell
    Michelle Purcell
    Misha Bedner
    Molly Richardson
    Nathanael Parkhill
    National Christian Foundation
    The Neiman Group Architects
    New Philadelphia A.M.E. Church
    Principal Communications Group, LLC
    Property Management Associates, Inc.
    Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club, Inc.
    Sarva Mangal Family Trust
    Skip Paul
    Soroptimist International of LA
    West/Santa Monica
    Symantec Corp.
    Thomas Molloy
    Tresanton Trust
    William C. Bannerman Foundation
    Yardi Systems
    Yvonne Derse
Gifts of $1,000+
  • The Adam Frand Foundation
    Adam Udi
    Ajay Patel
    Andre & Mina Zimmerman
    Anicia Mendez
    Ann Buxbaum
    Antonia Carpenter
    Arianne Neumark
    Barbara Graper
    Benjamin Wong
    Best Buy Employee Giving Program
    Brendan O’Donnell
    CBRE, Inc.
    The Chapman Family Foundation
    Charles Brewer Fiscus Foundation
    Chip & Sharyn Moore
    Christina & Derek Holman
    Christine Clay
    Chris Wilson
    Cierra Walker
    Community Bank
    Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
    Courtney Hill
    Jim Houghton
    Donna Komm
    Douglas Chernack
    Dr. Rebecca Joseph
    Dwight Liu
    Elaine Lasnik-Broida & Michael Broida
    Elham Raker
    Fredy Garcia
    Hani Saleh-Had
    Howard & Stephanie Sherwood
    Irell & Manella LLP
    Janet Ambrosi Wertman & Adlai Wertman
    Jennifer Fenton
    Jill Firring
    J Lynn Boylan
    Joan Krause
    John & Carolyn Cree Marshall
    Josh Cooper
    Jovana Lara-Brooks
    JP Morgan Chase Foundation
    Karyn Freund-Pistole & Daniel Pistole
    Kathryn Orosz
    Kirsten Olsen
    Kristin Coia
    Lee Ann Wong
    Loni and Jeff Rush Family Foundation
    Lorraine Moseley
    Makoff Family Foundation
    Marie Collins
    Mary Auth
    Matthew Solari
    Maureen Swenson
    Michael Earnhardt
    Momita SenGupta
    Morgan & Helen Chu
    Nathaniel Braunstein
    North Hollywood Church of Religious Science
    Orange County Community Foundation
    Panda Express
    Pat Wastal
    Peir Serota
    Philip Daccord
    Punch Studio
    Rena Jordan
    Robert Maitino
    Sandesha Singh
    Scott Yamano
    Scripps Networks
    Seth Morris
    Shaun Limbeek
    Sherman Meloni
    Sidney and Florence Banwart Family
    Charitable Fund
    Sinead & Darren Chilton
    Sona Shah
    Star Le
    Students Run America
    Summa Group Children’s Foundation
    Susan Manilow
    Suzanne Lerner
    Suzanne Wilson
    Talia Frederick
    Taylor Kirk
    Terry & Karen Harstad
    Timothy & Rachel White
    Tulsa Community Foundation
    Valerie Mellinger
    Virginia Tanawong
    Wescom Credit Union
    Wonderful Giving
Gifts of $500+
  • Anonymous
    A.C. Israel Foundation, Inc.
    Aimee Pitta
    Akhil Gopal
    Allison Maldonado
    Amazon Smile Foundation
    American Family Insurance
    Andrea Gootnick
    Angie Bhow
    Anne Wright
    Anu Leemann
    Artisan Pictures, LLC
    Ashley Watkins
    Bob Baggott
    Brad Young
    Brian Gladstone
    Bridget & Frederick Hartmann
    Bridget & Jason George
    Bright Funds Foundation
    Burbank Kiwanis for Fun Foundation Inc.
    California Community Foundation
    Candice Edwards
    Candice King
    Carol Crawford
    Chantle Edillor
    Cheryl Chu
    Cheryl Fire
    Christina Fernandez
    Christopher Pelham
    Coby McDonald
    Craig Blois
    David & Leslie Steinman
    David & Patty Dowdey
    David Wolenski
    Elizabeth Reeve
    Ellen & Donald Raab
    Elly Young
    Erin Mcgaughey
    Evelyn Kim
    Farid Holakouee
    Fausto Mares-Davila
    Gary Grossman
    George Saoud
    Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program
    Harper Salon, Inc.
    Harriet & Richard Orkand Family Educational & Charitable Foundation
    Hassan Arzy
    Heather Hemmens
    Homayoun Kandari
    Influencer Design House
    Jack Jones
    James Breen & Zoe Brown
    James Brock & Elizabeth Watson
    Jana Wentz
    Jasmin Mccoy
    Jeffery Jacobson
    Jeffrey Arnstein
    Jill Ause
    Joanna Rogari
    Joel Slasburey
    John & Paula Foley
    Jon Kramer
    Jon Tomlin & Elaine Lu
    Jordan Benudiz
    Jose & Raquel Fiallos
    Joseph Magazenni
    Josh Golsen
    Kathy Salazar
    Katie Brodkin
    Kimley-Horn Foundation
    Lanny & Ilsa Levine
    Lauren Borcherding
    Laurie Eddleston
    Linda Luthro
    Lindsay Streufert
    Loebl Family Fund
    Lukmaan Bawazer
    Lydia & Marissa DiBlasio
    Mara Akil
    Marcello Sawyer
    Mark Santarsiero
    Maureen Glick
    Meredith Ellman
    Mike Husson
    Monica Kendall
    Monique Perez
    Natasha Bayus & Jonas Mureika
    Ngozi Udeh
    Nick Halaris
    Omar Mather
    Omid & Sudi Yazdi
    Pasy Wang
    Patrick Berry
    Peter Banachowski
    Praneet Panga
    Reggie Bythewood
    Renee Mancuso
    Reyna Soriano
    Richard Kratt
    Rob Burns
    Robert Messinger
    Ruby Hunter
    Sabina Lippman
    Samuel Rotondo
    Savannah McCoy
    Seidman Family Foundation
    Sharla & Robert Hellie
    Shobana Ranganathan
    Squid & Squash Foundation
    Frederick Weaver
    Steve Brown
    Steven Cox
    Steven Friedlander
    Susan Sole
    Susan Taylor
    Tammy Warloe
    Teresita Vicencio
    The Zenith
    Tina Burns
    Tristan Wilds
    UniHealth Foundation
    Ute Neal
    Victoria Lautman
    Viktoria O’Brien
    William Barclay
    William & Jeri Sutherling
    Winnie & John Strohmeyer
Gifts of $200+
  • Anonymous
    Abhi Arya
    Adrienne Pabst
    Aisha Hinds
    Alan Stauffer
    Alex Taylor
    Al Multari
    Amanda Carr
    Amanda Kresser
    Amber Ross
    Andrea Siegel
    Andrew Benton
    Anh Hoang
    Anna Himmelrich
    Anne Vitug
    Ann Skipper
    Apple Inc.
    Arjan P Saraon
    Arnold Tuason
    Atom Whitman
    Bernard Shen
    Betsy Borns
    Bonnie Denes
    Bruce Khouri
    Bryan Feuer
    Buffalo Exchange
    Camille Spalding
    The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
    Carly Barrett Khalaf
    Carol Hoyt
    Caroline Kane
    Catherine Chambers
    Cathy Krikorian
    Charles Evans
    Chris Lacobucci
    Chris Lumpkin
    Christian Olguin
    Christian Tracy
    Christine Liu
    Christopher Carter
    Cindy Bradfield
    Corazon Rodis
    Corinne Burger
    Courtney Bryan-Caron
    Daniel Bath
    David & Barbara Elson
    David & Linnea Wile
    David Brundage
    David Pidgeon
    Drew Skelly
    Drive Wise
    Edwards Lifesciences
    EIX Employee Giving Community
    Elizabeth Thompson
    Emily Hunt
    Eric Davis
    Eric Gronemeyer
    Eva Sweeney
    Fionta Incorporated
    Frederique Eisenbach
    Fred Manaster
    Gerald Burnand
    Gina Prince-Bythewood
    Goodarz Agahi
    Google Inc
    Hansni Thadhani
    Heather Interian
    Hillary Molloy
    Holly Messer
    Howard Huang
    Ian & Denise McLaughlin
    I H & Anna Grancell Foundation
    Inner-City Arts
    Jackie Miller
    Jamba Juice
    Janet & Mark Noah
    Janet Gerner
    Jay & Janet Cohen
    Jay Kim
    Jeffrey Roden
    Jeffrey Wilkinson
    Jennifer Cole
    Jennifer Hodulik
    Jennifer Monnar
    Jennifer Wald
    Jenni McGee
    Jeremy Voss
    Jermaine Bradley-Shelton
    Jesse Morales
    Jessica McGee
    Jini Thornton
    John Brunelle
    John Crawford
    John Osborn
    John Roche
    Jordan Finley
    Joseph Webb
    Judy Bamberger
    Julie & Howard Okum
    Julie Stephenson
    Karl Feng
    Kate & Bill Wunner
    Kathleen Hannaway
    KC Johnson
    Keiter Family Foundation
    Kim Baldonado
    Kirkland & Ellis LLP
    Knobbe, Martins, Olson & Bear, LLP
    Kristi Reynolds
    Kristopher Persson
    Laura Tanchon
    Laurie Fay
    Layne Pflieger
    Leila Marcus
    Lionel Conway
    Lisa Thompson
    Lizet Alvarez
    Lois & Gary Ingham
    Loretta Drazen
    Luke Kallis
    Marc Bloomenfeld
    Margaret Bushee
    Mark Campe
    Martha Doran
    Mary & Dan Rodrigues
    MeeSun Boice
    The Merck Foundation
    Michael & Kris Gitlin
    Michael & Mary Fogarty
    Michael & Michelle Schreibman
    Michael Libow
    Michel Choban
    Michele Barinsky
    Michele Graeler
    Michelle Cole
    Michelle Lichsteiner
    Mitchell Lester
    Nancy Dahlberg
    Nancy Oliver
    Nicole Shepley
    Nikita Patel
    Oaktree Capital Management
    Pamela Chambers
    Pamela Ross
    Patty Sachs
    Paul & Sally Molloy
    Paul Mattingly
    Pei Sue Ong
    Peter Malati
    Phyllis & Franklin Weil
    Rachel Disser
    Racquel Baker
    Rick Zhou
    Robert Lohmar
    Robin Alexander
    Robinson Elementary School PTSA
    Ron Ferree
    Ross Goodman
    Russell Wright
    Ruth Jasso
    Ryan Hatch
    Sandra Blumer
    Sandy & Claire Goner
    Sarah Brown
    Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
    Scott Anthony
    Scott Loos
    Scott Slayton
    Sean Lagesen
    Sheila Golden
    Shomari Smith
    Simone Maudhui
    SK Restaurant Concepts II LLC
    Skyline Elementary School
    Sandra Shinbane
    Stephane Rufer
    Steven Monkarsh
    Steven Thomas
    Summer Sheets
    Susan Schulman
    The T. Rowe Price Program For Charitable Giving
    Tan Nguyen
    Tara Hackley
    Tawnny Knox
    Tenley Prince
    Teri Stein
    Tory DeWolfe
    Tricia Donohue
    Tristan Reyes Close
    Troy Troutner
    United Methodist Church Of Westlake Village
    United Way California Capital Region
    Untitled Life
    Valerie Cavanaugh & Bill Kerstetter
    Vanessa Achmad
    Vanessa Mccafferty
    Vasi Vangelos
    Ventura County Credit Union
    Vicki Christianson
    Victoria Mahoney
    Victor Lebedovych
    Virtual Academic Center Caucus
    W.K. Kellogg Foundation
    We Are Mitu
    William Blaney
    William Bryan
    William Ray
    William Stevens
    Woman’s Club Of Cypress
    Women’s Fellowship Manhattan
    Beach Community Church
    Yunfu Liu
    Yuying Lee
Gifts of $100+
  • Adam Pinch
    Adam & Debra Silbar
    Adam Vernick
    Aidan Stern
    Alan Buster
    Albert Wat
    Alex Day-Blattner
    Alexis Crump
    Alexis Thorpe
    Alex Kopelowicz
    Alex Pudlin
    Ali Barar
    Allison Mellon
    Alyce & James Caskey
    Ambreen Zaheen-Watson
    Amelia Troiano
    Amy Eynon
    Andrew Lockington
    Andy Solomon
    Aneesh & Anand Heintz
    Anju Choudhary
    Ankit Vasa
    Anna Baum
    Anne Hellie
    Anne Shapiro
    Anthony Jackman
    Arthur & Virginia Kahn
    Ashlene & Marcus Clinco
    Avery Walsh
    Barbara Wendorf
    Behl Corp
    Benjamin Ross
    Benjamin Tran
    Bethanie Holt
    Bi-Ying Yeh
    Blair Frederickson
    Bob Santoni
    Bob Van Meter
    The Boeing Company
    Brandon Barcus
    Breanne Duffy
    Brendan Hafferty
    Brian Anderson
    Brian Barragan
    Brian Meyers
    Brittany Matt
    Brynn Whitfield
    Candice Handjojo
    Cara Jones
    Carole & Harry Kuruma
    Carole Vicens
    Catherine Collette
    Catty Lam
    Cesar Gomez
    Chad Harrison
    Chandra Shaw
    Charissa Changadveja
    Charles Fogel
    Charles Johnson
    Chris Coaley
    Christina Gillis
    Christine Quigg
    Christine Ucar
    Chris Williams
    Ciera Iwen
    Colleen Yinger
    Connie Cadena-Krone
    Corazon Rodis
    Crossroads School For Arts & Sciences
    Curt & Heather Jensen
    Curt Douglas
    The CW Network
    Cynthia Tudball
    Dahlia Bristol
    Daisy Hung
    Danielle Diego
    Daniel Subak
    Dan Lovinger
    Danny Agai
    Danny Ratcliff
    Darrin Cowie
    David Ewart
    David Feldan
    David Malinowski
    Dawn Wilson
    Dayna Cregg
    Debbie & Ross Pearlson
    Debbie Kim
    Deborah Allen
    Deborah Cadis
    Debra OConnell
    Debra Shrout
    Denae Howell
    Dena Grablowsky
    Denise Abdun-Nur
    Denise Ream
    Denitria Lawrence
    Depinder Mann
    Devin Kato
    Diane Zaepfel
    Dolores Einhorn
    Donald Murchie
    Don Cordier
    Dorothy Canavan
    Douglas Ross
    Doug Rozen
    Duquesne DiMauro
    Edie De Avila
    Edie Lapper
    Eleanor Gray
    Eleanor Keare
    Eleonora Cocco
    Elizabeth & Barry Weiner
    Ellen Aprill
    Ellen Brennecke
    Ellen Donohue
    Ellen Morehead
    Ellie Goneva
    Emily Haynes
    Eric Schneider
    Erik Wood
    Esther Puig
    Felicia Henderson
    Fran & Bruce Friedrich
    Frances Regalado
    Frank Hartley
    Fred Ritzel
    Garrett Clancy
    Gary Panas
    Gary Werr Leder
    Gene Costello
    George Pung
    Gideon Raff
    Gilbert Mares
    Gina Zimmitti
    The Girls’ Middle School
    Glenn Gall
    Glenn Gottlieb
    Goshi Singh
    Gre Kearns
    Hardeep Singh
    Harjot Gill
    Helene Rioux & Brad Warnaar
    Henrietta Purcell
    Hoang Lan Thai
    Holly King
    Home Restaurant SAVP, INC.
    Houston Rhines
    Howard Miller
    Ian Campbell
    Inez McGee
    Isabel Wang
    Ishmael Velasquez
    Jack Davis
    Jacqueline Hantgan
    Jacqueline Saint Anne
    Jagdeep Mehrok
    Jai Johnson
    James Parvaz
    Jane Sullivan
    Janet Davis
    Janine Liesner
    Jan Sherry
    Jason Watts
    Jeanene MacLean
    Jed Meyer
    Jeff Cohn
    Jeffrey Sanderson
    Jelena Verny
    Jen Backus Davis
    Jennifer Chan
    Jennifer McGoldrick
    Jennifer Sturtz
    Jennifer Urick
    Jen Oliak
    Jeorgina Eleazar
    Jesse Timmermans
    Jessica Cohen
    Jessica Wilson
    Jimmy Alfaro
    Jina An
    Jitendra Maker
    JoAnn Friedrich
    Joe Greenslade
    Joe Hogan
    John Butler
    John Clark
    John Day
    John Hugo
    John Soukup
    Jon Gordon
    Joseph Canon
    Joseph Cooper
    Josephine Bailey-McLein
    Josh Pevnick
    Joshua & Melody Jabez
    Judi & Donald Unruh
    Julie Radlovic
    Karampreet Grover
    Karen Arensdorf
    Karen Brushett
    Karen Krejci
    Kate Carroll
    Katherine Urbon
    Kathleen Ross
    Kathryn Shirley
    Kath Skerry
    Katya Prince
    Kean Almryde
    Keith Inouye
    Keith Knopf
    Kelly Entz
    Kevin Andruss
    Kimberly Perry
    Kim Buice
    Komal Sarai
    Kristen Caplan
    Kristine Amon
    Kyin Nyein
    Kyla Vaughn
    Kyle Hart
    Kyle Stolle
    Lacey Terrell
    Lancer Shull
    Laura Delman
    Laurel Duquette
    Laurel Schramm
    Lauren Rossmann
    Lauren Schwake
    Lauri Brown
    Laverne Daimaru
    Lawrence Ellison
    Layla Kiffin
    Leah Austin
    Leana Shayefar
    Lee Cheever
    Len Friedland
    Leni Holtz
    Lesser-Johnston Revocable
    Lexie Looker
    Lilly Chen
    Limor Bergman
    Linda Handelman
    Linda Sim
    Lisa Edgar
    Lisa Glasser
    Lisa Hofheimer
    Lissa Zwahlen
    Liz Dean
    Lori Weisskopf
    Lucas Jadin
    Lynda Greenfield
    Maike Both
    Marc Furon
    Marcy Anderson
    Margaret Barfield
    Margaret Phillips
    Maria Martinez
    Maria Sterk
    Marija Saric
    Marilyn Pope
    Mariya Dmitriyeva
    Mark Galloway
    Mark Rejtig
    Mark Robetson
    Mark Rosen
    Marta Ascaso
    Marty Simon
    Mary Berg
    Mary Desjardins
    Mary McCartan
    Masheed Saidis
    Matt Berg
    Maura McCartan
    Meghan Wenzel
    Mehtab Bambrah Dhamija
    Mekahlo Medina
    Melissa Schoonmaker
    Micah Schaffer
    Michael Hill
    Michael Schur
    Michelle Heavener
    Min Choi
    Modell Marlow Andersen
    Motoko Kahn
    Myer Brostoff
    Nahoko Mishima
    Nancy Faiman
    Nancy Knight
    Nancy Neal
    Nancy Toledo
    Natalie Carrere
    Natalie Platon
    Nathan Meyer
    Naveen Raja
    Nazly Westernoff
    Nerissa Gomes
    Nicholas Ruoff
    Nick Stilwell
    Nicole McMath
    Niki Sherrod
    Nita Millstein
    Noah Appel
    Nora & Al Bergman
    Norton Townsley
    Pacific Gas & Electric Foundation
    Pamela Fleischer
    Patricia Meek
    Patricia Ureña
    Patricia Woolridge
    Paul Broucek
    Larry & Margaret Shellnut
    PG&E Corporation Campaign For
    The Community
    Piper Ingram
    Polly Bruskrud
    Pooja Gupta
    Pranav Parekh
    Rachel Bravo
    Rachel Earle
    Rachel Harshbarger
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    Alberto Saavedra
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    Alexander & Talya Waldman
    Alexander Frew
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    Alex Corrado
    Alfredo Linguini
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    Alice Walton
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    Alina Sosipatrova
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    Amani Aj
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    Amritha Vaz
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    Amy Finnerty
    Amy Friedland
    Amy Joy Bakken
    Amy Meyerson
    Amy Suddleson
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    Anastasia Arten
    Andrea Lester
    Andrea Solari
    Andrew Avrutin
    Andrew Chao
    Andrew Lifszyc
    Andrew Marks
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    Angela Laurino
    Angel Arlene
    Angela Sanchez
    Angie Scharnhorst
    Anita Finlay
    Ani Yaralian
    Anna Lawson
    Ann Chach
    Annelise Lin
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    Ann-Kathrin Zecha
    Annlee Ellingson
    Anthony Leo
    Apurv Aniruddh
    Areli Quirarte
    Ariel Savitz
    Ari Noe
    Arin Sa
    Armand Aghadjanians
    Armando Rubio
    Arthur Strickgold
    Ashley Hovde
    Ashley Lee
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    Barbara Bacon & Carlos Razo
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    Beverly Smith
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    BJ Arnold
    Bjoern Johannesson
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    Carlos Nogales
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    Carol Jenkins
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    Carolyn Nicks
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    Dean Shull
    Deazell Atwood
    Deb Hiser Putnicki
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    Delana Overton
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    Derrek Coleman
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    Diallo Frazier
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    Diana Huang
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    Doctor Strange
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    Deborah Weir
    FAME Renaissance Corporation
    Four Seasons Resort Lanai
    Glendale Community College – Center For Student Involvement
    Leftbank Art
    Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
    Marlborough School
    Matt Wong
    McGuire Denim
    Meaningful Works, LLC
    Merck & Co
    Paradise Cove
    Pershing Square
    Pier Medical Aesthetics
    Punch Studio
    SAGE Publications
    Shruti Shankar
    Shuki & Tori Levy Foundation
    Spin Master
    St. Martin of Tours School
    Temple Judea
Material Donors
  • AbbVie
    The Academy of Magical Arts
    Addicted to Faces
    Alisha Avila
    Allan Jeffries Framing
    Allegiant Air
    Alliane Tennenbaum Family Technology High School
    Almond Surfboards
    Amanda Pacheco
    American Film Showcase
    Amy Pearce
    Angelica Sepulveda
    Arebesk Inc.
    Armida Schneir
    Ashley Strong Photography
    Aspect Ratio
    Assistance League Of Santa Monica
    Backpack Friends
    BanzaiSurf Company, LLC
    Barbara Bonbright
    Bel Air Investment Advisors
    Benicio Carrrasco
    Best Buy
    Beverly Seger
    BHC Child Development Center
    Blue Shield of California/Black employee Network
    Brett Schwartz
    Bunny James Boxes LLC
    C.J. Segerstrom & Sons
    Canyon Charter Elementary School
    Caroline Payne
    Catherine Meek & Al Earle
    CBRE, Inc.
    Chris Chambers Goodman & Marc Goodman
    Christine Hine
    Chris Wilson
    Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    Citizen Relations
    Collective Journeys
    Connie Rivas
    CRF Solutions
    David & Barbara Elson
    David Montgomery
    Delta Kappa Gamma – Alpha Upsilon Chapter
    Derek Billings
    Dogeared Jewelry
    Eagle Rock Yacht Club Inc.
    Edie De Avila
    Element Electronics
    El Marino Language School
    Emily Kosloski
    Englander Knabe & Allen
    Environmental Science Associates (ESA)
    Ervin Cohen & Jessup, LLP
    EveryBusiness HR Essentials
    FAME Renaissance Corporation
    Flintridge Preparatory School Student Community Action Council
    Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles
    Frances Martinez
    Glendale Community College – Center For Student Involvement
    Glen Gerson
    Harper Salon, Inc
    Hybrid Apparel
    Inner Glimmer
    Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles
    Irell & Manella LLP
    Jackson & Jasmine George
    Jamba Juice
    Janie Chavers
    Jennifer Barrios
    Jennifer Kohut
    John R Wilson
    Josh Fein & MaryJo Lauterio
    JR – 286
    Julie Radlovic
    Kate McNeil & Roy Friedland
    Kate Strauss
    Kay Marshall-Seidman
    Lil Pepper Productions, Inc
    Linda Martinez
    Lindsay Streufert
    Lori Craig
    Los Angeles Angels
    Los Angeles Dodgers
    Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority: LAHSA
    Los Angeles Lakers
    Lynn & Robert Stone
    Lynn Gardner & Paul Multari
    Maggie Liu
    Mandy Teefey
    Manhattan Denim
    Marcia LaCour-Little
    Marisa Smith-Vacco & Massimo Vacco
    Mark Blackham & Michelle Butler-Blackham
    Marlborough School
    Matt Martinez
    Maureen Weston
    McGuire Denim
    Melissa Dench
    Merck & Co
    Merilee Sperber
    Michele Graeler
    Michelle Fishman
    Micro Kickboard
    Mike & Kate Mesirow
    Mixt Studio
    Mohawk Bend
    MSX International
    Murad Inc
    Nancy Neal
    Natalie Stanisich
    National American Miss
    Office of Senator Holly J. Mitchell
    Overton Charitable Foundation
    Patricia Vazquez
    PENTA Building Group
    Philip Palmer
    Pier Medical Aesthetics
    Platinum International Products & Services LLC
    Playa Vista Optimists
    Praphoj Pananusorn
    PRP Wine International
    Punch Studio
    Rachel Grose
    Randy Washington
    Dr. Rebecca Joseph
    Ron Funches
    Rotary Club of Calabasas
    Russell Dott
    Sahand Pirbadian
    Sahar Mahoutchi
    Sandie & Richard Haverick
    Shade Hotel Redondo Beach
    Shruti Shankar
    Sinead & Darren Chilton
    Skin Laundry
    Socal Gas
    Soul Cycle
    Southern California Edison
    Southwest Airlines-LAX Culture Committee
    St. John Eudes Catholic Church
    Susan Cummings
    Tamara Mellon
    Taylor Paladino
    Temple Isaiah
    Tenley Prince
    Thankful for Books
    Therese McLaughlin
    Toyia Jackson
    Tracy Coe
    Trilogy Spa
    University Church of Christ
    Valerie & Paul Mellinger
    Ventura Foods
    Veronica Bautista
    Victoria Strang
    Viewpoint School
    Warner Horizon Television
    Woman’s Club Of Cypress
    XL Catlin
    Yoga Club
    The Young and The Restless
    Zihong Wu