School on Wheels Virtual Supply Drives

Every child that we serve receives a NEW backpack filled with school supplies. In 2019 we distributed over 7,000 backpacks filled with school supplies.

Thanks for your interest in running a supply drive to support our students who are experiencing homelessness! Due to COVID-19, supply collection and distribution is going to look very different this year.

We ask that you do not collect or purchase any physical items for donations. Instead, we ask that you support our virtual supply drive or create your own on the Roonga platform we are using. We will be able to have school supplies, funded by your donations, shipped directly to students in shelters. By donating via this platform, you are helping us ensure the safety of our students, staff, partners, and donors like you.

For safety reasons, our ability to support supply pick-ups or drop-offs is significantly restricted. If you have already purchased physical items, we may be able to arrange a hand-off at our office. Please keep in mind that all of our employees are currently working from home and that we have no clear timeline for when any physical donations will reach students.

Please note that we are also working closely with school district partners to figure out the safest way to get backpacks and supplies to our students living in tents, vehicles, and motels.

Promote the School on Wheels virtual supply drive to your friends, co-workers, and family members OR create your own drive straight from ours and set personal goals for your community. Click here to find instructions on how to create your own virtual supply drive for School on Wheels students. 

Please contact for additional support for your virtual supply drive.

Questions about logistics or supplies to be dropped off?
Please email