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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I still log on if I did not meet my student this week?

If you missed a session (for whatever reason), you can simply choose one of the “Cancelled Session” buttons. You do not need to log a 5-minute session. If you are no longer tutoring your student or are having difficulty logging, please let us know.

If I go on vacation or my student is away, how do I note this?

See above.

What do I add in the comments box?

There are ‘subject comments’ and ‘session comments.’ In the subject comments, enter any comments about the student’s progress in the subject in which you’ve worked. Make your comments brief but clear. For example, if the student is having difficulty with multiplication, you should enter something like ‘needs review of multiplication tables.’ For session comments enter any general comments that are not covered by the subject comments e.g., “did not seem interested in math” or comments that might pertain to the session as a whole, i.e. “shelter staff are very helpful.”

Why do I have to add subjects tutored?

It is important to add subjects tutored because we can see what you are working on with your student and therefore can provide you with the necessary resources.

Who reads what I write?

Everybody who has access to our online database can see what you have written. It is great when your Coordinator can quickly read what you have written and respond accordingly.