Remote Tutoring Educational Programs & Platforms

We know that remote tutoring is very new for many of our tutors and students. Please be patient and compassionate with yourself and your student during this time. Feel free to spend a session or two catching up, reading books together, or playing with the tools and options available to you!

Below you will find programs and resources to use during tutoring as well as learning platforms your student can use outside of the tutoring hour. These programs and platforms can be used in addition to any at-home learning packets your student may have received from their school.

Our Programs

School on Wheels provides customized programs for our tutors use with their students. Many of you may have been using them during in-person tutoring. There is no need to stop now.

The ABC Literacy Program is designed to help students catch up to their grade level in literacy and develop a love of reading.

Our Academic Program helps fill in the gaps for our students in mathematics and English language arts (ELA) by providing worksheets for students that are organized by grade and skill level.

Our BUS Program provides personalized academic, life skills, and post-high school support and opportunities for our older students.

Our Online Learning Platforms

We are partnered with online learning platforms that will help your students learn in fun, enriching ways both during and outside of your tutoring sessions.

We use Freckle,, TypingClub, Khan Academy, and Teach Your Monster to Read to close educational gaps for our students. School on Wheels has access to premium versions of all these tools so we ask that tutors register via us rather than directly on their websites. 


Freckle is our top recommendation for online learning for grades K-12 because it adapts to reach students at their own level, so they are never working on anything too easy or too difficult. It is great for students to use between tutoring sessions so they can practice in subjects like ELA and math.

DigitalLearningIcons2 provides a curriculum in computer science for all ages. Includes videos and interactive narrative games. (K-12)


Learn touch typing online using TypingClub’s free typing courses. It includes 650 typing games, typing tests and videos.


Videos and adaptive questions in math, language arts, science, history, economics, coding, college prep and more.


An interactive game that teaches students how to read. It covers phonics, spelling and reading full sentences. (K-2)

Other Resources

Access more educational programs and resources in this Google Doc we have put together. It will be updated on a regular basis.

Each school district will have its own set of resources for students. We encourage you to check out the resources available for your student's district so that you can better support them with distance learning.

We may be able to send board games and books by mail directly to your student. To make a request, please contact: