BUS Program (8-12)

Dear Mentor,

The BUS Program is a mentoring and academic program meant to ensure our students’ success both in and after high school. Using the materials below, you can guide your student through graduation requirements and introduce them to post-high school options. You will also find academic resources to help plan your sessions; these are particularly important if your student is behind in school or receiving low grades.

The general aim of the program is to provide our students with specialized education/career services. Our goal is to strengthen their education, encourage them to earn a high school diploma, and motivate them to achieve productive and stable futures. This is done by offering:

  • One-on-one mentoring and tutoring
  • Guidance with reviewing school transcripts and graduation requirements
  • Presentation of options after high school, such as college, trade school, and AmeriCorps
  • College/vocational school campus tours
  • Access to college and career fairs
  • Supplemental tools and resources

Review each section of the program with your student and help them answer any questions they may have about the importance of education and/or training after high school. Whether your student chooses to work full-time, enroll in a community college or apply for admission to a four year university, you can ensure they are headed for success!

BUS Lesson Plans & Materials

Supplementary College and Career Activities

Academic Materials