Career Month


October 2019 – School on Wheels Career Month

School on Wheels has outlined four weeks of activities designed to help all students in kindergarten through 12th grade discover how their interests can align with careers and lead them to a successful and fulfilling future. We ask that all tutors spend part of their tutoring sessions in October working on the activities listed.

During the last week, students will be invited to draw a picture or write an essay (depending on age) about their future career.


Week 1:  Introduction; Career Interests and Assessments

Career assessment is the first step in making decisions about the kind of career you want. The assessment is an introspective activity that will help all School on Wheels students to think about their interests, skills, abilities, and values and how they relate to careers.

Elementary School – Print: Exercise Your Mind. Complete the “My Talents” worksheet from Page 6 of the packet or choose another activity that best meets the needs of your student.

Elementary School – OnlineCareer Finder Games. Explore various careers through games with your student.

Middle School / High School – Print: Complete “What are My Career Interests” on Pages 3-7.

Middle School / High School – Online:  California Career Zone

Week 1 Discussion Questions:  What are some things you should look for in a job? Why are these things important to you?  What does “job satisfaction” mean to you?

*Make sure to explain to your student that the careers they find through assessments are only suggestions, and that interests usually change over time. It is not necessary, or realistic, to know exactly what you will do for a career at this age. Most adults will change jobs multiple times in their lifetime.


Week 2:  Career Exploration

Help your student begin to explore the many jobs and career fields that exist in the world of work.

Elementary School – Print:  Career Puzzles, Activities, and More to Explore. Choose activities based on your student’s grade and interests.

Elementary School – Online:  Kid’s Search.  Explore over 100 different jobs based on student interests.

Middle School / High School – Print:  Exploring Career Clusters. Print out and discuss some of the different career clusters with your student.

Middle School / High School – Online:  California Career Zone,  Career Clusters.  Help your student pick three Career Clusters and explore jobs in those clusters.

Elementary, Middle, and High School – Hands On:  Materials Required: Magazines or printed pictures, paper, glue, pens/pencils

Gather a large number of old magazines or print out pictures from the web. Ask your student to write the word “Careers” at the top of a plain piece of paper. Have them find and cut out photos of people performing different jobs. Make a collage including as many different types of jobs as they can find. Under each photo, ask students to identify the job in the photo. Have older students write what kind of skills and education are required for each job.

Please take a picture of your collage and send it to your regional coordinator!

Week 2 Discussion Questions:  Describe a few jobs/careers that you didn’t know about before today.  List two jobs you want more information on.


Week 3:  Making Connections

Ask your student to think about some jobs that sound interesting. Have them brainstorm questions they have about a particular career, and work with them to find answers.

Optional Activity for High School:  Writing a Resume.  Help your student begin to draft a resume using resources at ReadWriteThink.

  • Talk about the 3 F’s of resume writing (lesson 1)
  • Help your student develop content for his/her resume (lessons 2-3)
  • Use the resume generator (lesson 4)


Week 4:  Imagining Your Future

Explore with your student the concept of finding happiness and success through work.

Elementary School – Hands-on:  ‘Picture Your Career’ drawing.  Ask your student to think about the following:

What do you imagine your future to look like? Students should draw pictures of what they might want to do as a job, and write down some key words to describe their job and future.

Middle School / High School – Hands-on:  1-2 page career essay Ask your student to think about the following:

What do you imagine your future to look like? What is your dream career, and what steps will you take to have that career?


Career Month Final Projects

Once your student has completed his/her Career Month picture or essay during week 4, please submit it to your regional coordinator by mailing, scanning or taking a picture of it so we can share on social media! 

Below are examples of final projects from previous years:

For more examples, please see the archived submissions here.

If you have any questions, please email your regional coordinator or curriculum [at] schoolonwheels [dot] org.