College Month – May 2019

May is College Month at School on Wheels, and we need your help! Many of our students lack a connection to higher education. It may be because they have very few family or friends who have attended college. They may think they can’t afford it, or have been told they aren’t smart enough to go, making it hard for them to visualize college as a realistic goal.

We ask tutors to spend part of each session during May on college-related activities with all students from K-12.

Tutoring Goals for College Month:

1. Work with your student on these College Lessons and Activities:

2. Watch a recording of one of our online tutor workshops and help encourage students of any age to pursue education after high school.

3. Encourage your student to attend a campus tour. You can also pair up with another tutor and student and attend together as a field trip. Please check the field trip policies prior to planning your trip.

4. Go online with your student and explore the following websites:

5. Help your student apply for one of our scholarships through our Catherine McAuley Scholarship Program.

College Month Reflection

Fill out the questionnaire online.