English Language Arts

These supplementary ELA worksheets and resources are for use with upper middle school and high school students. Consult your student’s English and/or writing curriculum and then select activities that complement school work for additional practice.


Adjectives (PDF)
Adjectives-Answers (PDF)
Adjectives (Superlative) (PDF)
Adjectives (Superlative) – Answers (PDF)
Adverbs (PDF)

Adverbs – Answers (PDF)

Advanced Sentence Correction (PDF)
Advanced Sentence Correction – Answers (PDF)
Advanced Sentence Correction 2 (PDF)
Advanced Sentence Correction 2 – Answers (PDF)
Comparative Adjectives (PDF)
Comparative Adjectives – Answers (PDF)
Conjunctions (PDF)
Conjunctions – Answers (PDF)
Interjections (PDF)
Interjections – Answers (PDF)
Nouns (PDF)
Nouns-Answers (PDF)
Parentheses (PDF)
Prepositions of Place (PDF)
Prepositions of Place – Answers (PDF)
Pronouns (PDF)
Pronouns – Answers (PDF)


Article Analysis – North Korea (PDF)
Character Description – Rikki Tikki Tavi (PDF)
Character Description – Huck Finn (PDF)
Inference (PDF)
Inference – Who Am I? (PDF)
Inference – Where Am I? (PDF)
Inference – Where Am I? (PDF)
Irony (PDF)
Irony – Situational vs Dramatic (PDF)
Poetic Devices (PDF)
Poetic Devices – Edgar Allan Poe (PDF)
Poetic Devices – Katy Perry (PDF)
Point of View (PDF)
Point of View – Narrator (PDF)
Point of View – 1st and 3rd (PDF)
Point of View – 1st and 3rd (PDF)
Reading Comprehension – Nutrition Facts (PDF)
Reading Comprehension – Medicine (PDF)
Reading Comprehension – Tetris (PDF)
Reading Comprehension – Statue of Liberty (PDF)
Reading Comprehension – Castles (PDF)
Reading Comprehension – Submarines (PDF)
Reading Comprehension – Gutenberg (PDF)
Reading Comprehension – Various Paragraphs (PDF)


Writing Conclusions – U.S. Congress (PDF)
Writing Conclusions – The Moon (PDF)
Writing Conclusions – Tornadoes (PDF)
Writing Conclusions – Voting (PDF)
Writing Conclusions – Hawaii (PDF)
Writing Introductions (PDF)
Writing Introductions – Leads (PDF)
Writing Introductions – Leads (PDF)
Writing Introductions – Leads, Bridges, Thesis (PDF)
Writing a Thesis (PDF)
Writing Using Inference (PDF)
Writing with Figurative Language (PDF)
Writing Diagnostic – Tupac (PDF)