These supplementary math worksheets and resources are for use with upper middle school and high school students enrolled in the following courses. Consult your student’s math curriculum and homework and select worksheets and tools that complement school work for additional practice.


Square Roots (PDF)
Equating Fractions (PDF)
Converting Fractions (PDF)
Fractions – Simple Visual (PDF)
Adding Fractions – Simple Visual (PDF)
Adding Mixed Fractions (PDF)
Subtracting Fractions – Simple Visual (PDF)
Improper Fractions (PDF)
Improper Fractions 2 (PDF)
Dividing Fractions (PDF)
Decimals to Fractions (PDF)
Fractions to Decimals (PDF)
Simplifying Fractions (PDF)
Percents to Decimals (PDF)
Multiplying Decimals (PDF)
Multiplying Negative Numbers (PDF)
Inequalities (PDF)
Percentage (PDF)
Place Value (PDF)
Place Value Chart (PDF)
Ordering Whole Numbers (PDF)
Ratio Conversions (PDF)
Exponents (PDF)
Mixed Integer Problems (PDF)
Metric System (PDF)
Converting Units of Time (PDF)

Algebra 1

Basic Algebra (PDF)
Basic Algebra (PDF)
Basic Algebra (PDF)
Basic Algebra (PDF)
Algebra Worksheet (PDF)

Algebra 2

Algebraic and Numeric Expression Review (PDF)
Rational Expressions (PDF)
Multiplying Rational Expressions (PDF)
Multiplying Monomials (PDF)
Multiplying and Dividing Monomials (PDF)
Solving Multi-Step Equations (PDF)
Logarithmic Equations (PDF)
Complex and Imaginary Numbers (PDF)
Adding/Subtracting Complex Numbers (PDF)
Absolute Value Equations (PDF)


Formula Reference Sheet (PDF)
Perimeter and Area (PDF)
Perimeter and Area 2 (PDF)
Circumference and Area (PDF)
Pythagorean Theorem Practice (PDF)
Graphs (PDF)
Graph – Gingerbread (PDF)
Graph – Turkey (PDF)
Graph – Pumpkin (PDF)
Graph – Cat (PDF)
Coordinates (PDF)

Additional Math Resources