Tutoring Rewards Program

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The School on Wheels Tutoring Rewards Program awards students a tablet or laptop device based on enrollment in one of the below School on Wheels programs as well as completion of a program milestone with the support of their tutor.*

Our Programs

A B C Literacy (K-4)

  • Catch up to grade level
  • Develop a love of reading

Academic (5-8)

  • Master critical skills in Math and ELA
  • Access customized digital learning tools

BUS Life Skills (9-12)

  • Prepare for college, trade school, money management, and careers
  • Real-world opportunities

If your student is ALREADY enrolled in one of the above programs you will automatically be notified if and when your student qualifies for a device. If you are not sure if your child is enrolled in one of these programs please check with your tutor or School on Wheels staff.

*Additional Program Details

  • Devices are awarded based on completion of a post-assessment, not on academic improvement.
  • Students will be awarded either a tablet or laptop device based on School on Wheels inventory. High school students (9-12) will be more likely to receive laptops depending on availability.
  • Upon completion of the post-assessment, School on Wheels staff will work directly with the student/family on device distribution.
  • Once a student receives a device from School on Wheels, they are not able to qualify for any additional devices. This includes students who received a device in 2020.
  • If a student cannot participate in the Tutoring Rewards Program specifically because they lack any sort of device to connect with their tutor, School on Wheels will help them find an alternate solution. 
  • Program milestones are as follows: 
    • ABC Literacy (K-4): The completion of a post-assessment.
    • Academic (5-8): Varies by student, ask your Coordinator for details.
    • BUS Life Skills (9-12): The completion of a post-reflection.

Contact students@schoolsonwheels.org