Tutoring Resources & Materials

Resources, information and activities for you and your student. – Scroll down or click on the links. If you have any additional suggested resources for our volunteer tutors, please reach out to us at partnerships@schoolonwheels.org.

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Literacy Websites

  • LiteracyConnections.com – This website includes suggested activities and strategies, plus a specific section on tutoring tips to help students learn to read.
  • LiteracyCenter.net – Free, professionally-designed, education material for beginning readers.
  • PBS Kids.org – Literacy activities, lesson plans, handouts, certificates, and other resources to engage emerging readers.
  • Get Ready to Read.org – Literacy screening and learning activities online and printable.
  • English Phonemes – English Phonemes, Spellings, Example Words, and Meaningful Names.
  • Scholastic.com – Read every day, lead a better life.
  • Reading Rockets.org – Tutoring Strategies for the Primary Grades.
  • Eye on the Sky.org – Tutor guide to early literacy.

Math Tutoring Resources

  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy provides free videos walking through the steps of numerous math problems, from simple addition to calculus. You can track your student’s progress by logging into the site. It also has SAT and CAHSEE test prep and covers some science subjects.
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics – Specific tips for tutoring in mathematics.
  • Cool Math – Coolmath was designed for everyone from the frustrated, the confused, the bored students of the world who hate math to the math geeks of the world.
  • Math Playground – This site allows you to create math worksheets, practice facts and play logic games.
  • Math Goodies – Math Goodies is a free math help site featuring interactive lessons.
  • Math Cats – Enrich children’s mathematical understanding with Math Cats, an interactive Web site that provides math explorations, trivia, and classroom activities for all ages.
  • A Maths Dictionary for Kids – This site explains 600 common mathematical terms in simple language using animation and other techniques.
  • Fun Math Calculators – Provides math calculators for all sorts of things, from climate, to shopping, cooking, saving money, converting measurements, and plenty more.
  • Math Worksheets Land – Over 6,000 printable pdf worksheets for K-12, organized by topic, core, or grade level.

About the Common Core

The Common Core State Standards are designed to be rigorous as well as relevant to real world situations. The aim of the standards is to make sure that all our students are held to consistent expectations and will be prepared for college and career.

Common Core Lessons and Materials

Test Prep

  • California Content Standards – lists content standards for academic subjects that are to be covered in each grade.All students, except those with eligible disabilities, are required to pass the California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE) to earn their high school diploma. The CAHSEE consists of two parts: Language arts and mathematics. For sample test questions from the CAHSEE: CLICK HERE. For CAHSEE Preparation visit the Khanacademy.org.
  • SAT/ACT Prep Tools –  ParliamentTutors.com, CollegeBoard.com, Number2.com, Khanacademy.org.  Graduation Requirements and UC/Cal State Admission Requirements can be found at, CDE.ca.gov.
  • Varsity Tutors – A comprehensive suite of completely free practice tests, flashcards, and questions of the day for standardized tests and academic subjects of all levels.

College Planning and Career Exploration Resources

  • About College Handout – General overview of 2 and 4-year colleges/universities
  • Campus Tour – Activities to generate excitement if you are planning a tour with your student
  • College Tour Contact Information 
  • School on Wheels College Month – Activities and Lesson Plans for all students in K-12 to encourage considering college as an option.
  • Know How to Go This site is a great place to start to encourage college aspirations for students in middle school and high school. There are videos and tips about the steps for college, all presented in an upbeat, youth-orientated style.
  • Career Month – Find out about career month here at School on Wheels, and how you can help your student start to think about their future career.
  • NAEHCY Higher Education Helpline – For assistance with issues related to students experiencing homelessness accessing higher education, contact the NAEHCY Higher Education Helpline at 1 (855) 446-2673 (toll-free) or highered@naehcy.org
  • JobsyWobsy – Aids and educates youth ages 10-18 in finding, planning for and managing their careers.
  • California Student Aid Commission – Resources for financial aid, including undocumented students.
  • Learn How to Become – Helps students understand what it takes to land their perfect career, from picking the right school all the way to climbing the company ladder.

Educational Games for Students

  • Kids Know It – Provide students with a fun and educational way to spend their free time.
  • Education World – Includes a search engine for educational sites, as well as original content, including lesson plans, practical information for educators, and articles written by education experts.
  • Internet 4 Classrooms – High-quality, free Internet resources to use in instruction, developing project ideas, reinforcing specific subject matter areas both in the class and at home and even for online technology tutorials.
  • Fun Brain – Funbrain’s games help students build on what they have learned in class and acquire new skills in reading, math, and problem solving.

Teens and Group Home Youth

  • The Group Home Girls – What it’s like to tutor at a group home, by Hanna Duff. Link
  • Working with Teens By Tutor Jason Rarick – Suggestions for effectively tutoring a disadvantaged youth. Link

Trauma and Behavior Management

General Tips

  • Approaches to Tutoring – School on Wheels tutor Jonathan Orner shares approaches to effective tutoring learned through his professional experience as a tutor. Link
  • Communicating with your Student’s Teacher – Tips for effective tutor-teacher communication, including questions to ask. Link
  • Learning Style Quiz – Identify you or your student’s unique learning style with this simple quiz. Link
  • Tips and Tricks for Your Tutoring Hour – Includes ideas for spelling games, math and reading tips. Link
  • What to do when there is nothing to do – Your students say they have no homework? Read this. Link
  • Reading Strategies – Help boost your student’s reading skills with these simple tips. Link
  • Supporting Children Who Have an Incarcerated Parent: Tip sheet designed for teachers, but useful to anyone working with students in pre-k through 12th grade. Link

SOW Tutor Guides

  • Domestic Violence Shelters – This document describes typical tutoring practices and policies at DV sites. Link
  • Group Homes – This document describes group homes and includes tutoring tips for these locations. Link
  • Group Tutoring – This document outlines group tutoring best practices. Link
  • Motels, Libraries and Schools – This document describes what tutoring is like at these locations and includes tutoring tips. Link
  • Transitional and Emergency Shelters – This document highlights the differences between these types of locations and provides best practices. Link
  • School on Wheels General Procedures and Safety Policies – These policies and procedures are mandatory for every School on Wheels tutor. Link
  • Volunteer Handbook: Link