Tutoring Resources & Materials

If you have any additional suggested resources for our volunteer tutors, please reach out to us at partnerships@schoolonwheels.org.

In addition to the links on this page be sure to check out our best practices and policies, past webinars, Common Core resources, and test prep and college planning resources.

General Tips

Digital Learning

Contact digitallearning[at]schoolonwheels.org to get your student’s log-in information for these sites.

  • Typing Club – Fun activities that help your student learn to type
  • Code.org – Sequential lessons and games that build students’ coding skills
  • Hour of Code – Engaging games that teach students to code
  • Scratch– Learn to code through creating animations
  • GeoGuessr – Immersive activity that teaches geography and navigating Google Maps

Educational Games and Websites

  • Cool Math – CoolMath was designed for everyone from  frustrated and confused math students to the math geeks of the world.
  • Math Playground – This site allows you to create math worksheets, practice facts, and play logic games.
  • Education.com – Provides students with a fun and educational way to spend their free time.
  • Fun Brain – Funbrain’s games help students build on what they have learned in class and acquire new skills in reading, math, and problem solving.
  • HowStuffWorks – For answers to all of life’s questions. Why is the sky blue? Do astronauts need sunscreen in space? You and your student will find answers here.
  • National Geographic Kids – Your student can play games, watch videos, and learn interesting facts about animals and nature.

English Language Arts 

  • Scholastic.com – Read every day, lead a better life.
  • Reading Rockets.org – Tutoring strategies for students who may be struggling to learn to read.
  • K12reader.comPrintable worksheets include early reading, writing, and spelling skill activities for elementary grades, and carry through intermediate and more advanced grammar, comprehension, and writing activities for older students.
  • Newsela – This news website allows the reader to choose from different versions of the same article based on their reading level. Articles cover current events and a variety of topics and are accompanied by activities.
  • Teach Your Monster to Read – A fun quest game to help students K-2 learn to read. Contact digitallearning[at]schoolonwheels.org to get your student’s log-in information.


  • Khan Academy – Khan Academy provides free videos walking through the steps of numerous math problems, from simple addition to calculus. You can track your student’s progress by logging into the site. It also has SAT and CAHSEE test prep and covers some science subjects.
  • National Council of Teachers of Mathematics – Library of 1500+ “problems of the week”, all grades.
  • Math Worksheets Land – Over 6,000 printable pdf worksheets for K-12, organized by topic, core, or grade level.
  • Math Learning Center – A collection of free apps that will help you and your student visualize a great number of mathematical concepts through geometry.

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