Volunteer Application

Please note: due to COVID-19 we are currently suspending all in-person tutoring and trainings, and we are not processing new applications. For the moment, we are focusing on transferring many of our current in-person tutors to online tutoring. This means that all new applicants, including for online tutoring, will be in a “hold” status for an indefinite amount of time.  If you would like to support our work in the meantime we encourage you to sign up for our newsletter for ongoing updates. 

You are still welcome to apply, but we are simply not sure when we will be able to start processing applications.

Step 1: Watch our two-minute introduction video:

Step 2: After viewing, click the area you want to volunteer in:

Currently our area of greatest need is in South Los Angeles.

For more information about requirements and commitment, please visit our Volunteer Page.

Live outside of our regions or unable to tutor in-person?
Apply to tutor remotely through our online tutoring program!

Questions about a specific regional area?
Visit our location map and contact form

Questions about the application process?
Email volunteers@schoolonwheels.org