For Parents: Summer Program 2023

The school year may have ended, but School on Wheels tutoring sessions can keep on rolling! Summer is the perfect time for your tutor to provide positive mentorship and shrink the gaps in your student’s learning while serving as a consistent support system.

Throughout the past two school years, our students faced a variety of obstacles that contributed to unfinished learning. Students enrolled in low-income schools lost a cumulative average of seven months of learning due to the pandemic, as barriers to technology grew and lockdowns and quarantine caused chronic absences. This means that our students can benefit from summer tutoring now, possibly more than ever, to help lessen their educational gaps.

We have designed our Summer Fun on Wheels program to provide summer activities using a combination of social and emotional learning (SEL) and traditional academics like English Language Arts. Activities are designed to be completed in one session and adaptable to all grade levels!

Encourage your School on Wheels tutor to sign up at their next session to receive a $100 gift card!
When your student and their tutor choose a social and emotional learning trait and fill out the enrollment form together, we will send one $100 gift card to your family. (Please note: there is a limit of one gift card per family. Multiple students are welcome to participate, but will not receive additional gift cards.)

For more detailed information, please enjoy this 20-minute informational webinar: 

Explore Social & Emotional Traits

Your student and their tutor will choose from the following prompts:

Growth Mindset

People with a growth mindset understand we learn through hard work and help from others. Ready to view challenges with enthusiasm? This is the packet for you!

My Strengths
Name your strengths and identify new ones! 

Shark Tank 
Challenge yourself to invent something new!

Letter to Future Me
Share your accomplishments and goals with your future self!

Kindness & Happiness

Being kind can make you happy and when you are feeling happy you are more kind! This packet will help you explore what happiness and kindness mean to you. 

All About My Favorite . . . 
Teach your tutor about something that makes you happy!

Random Acts of Kindness
Bring happiness to others through random acts of kindness!

My Dream Vacation
Plan the vacation of your dreams for you and a special guest!


Curiosity is the desire to learn. It is an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out. Choose this trait if you are ready to grow and explore! 

Historical Figure Fun Facts Project
Let your curiosity take you back in time to meet a historical figure!

Exploring Nature – Virtual Field Trip
Use your curiosity to explore nature!

Finding Museum Treasures – Virtual Field Trip
Spark curiosity by exploring the treasures of the world!

Additional Resources

Parents and guardians: Are you looking for more educational summer activities for your students?

Summer With the Library
The Los Angeles Public Library is offering summer reading ideas, activities and events for all ages.

Bright By Text 
Sign up to receive text messages with helpful tips, activities, and events based on your child’s age and your location.

PBS kids for parents
Explore activities, crafts, and videos for children up to age 8. Check out the “Learn & Grow” section for ideas by topic, such as math or science.