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Jun 16

Tutor Anniversaries June 2016

We would like to give a huge shout out to all of these amazing tutors who have volunteered with us for a year or more! We couldn’t impact the lives of thousands of children without you.

Twelve Years
Melissa Zukerman

Five Years
Ashley Peterson

Four Years
Anita Weir
Kyle Adomian

Three Years
Teresita Sanchez
Jeffrey Bryant
Marcia Rothman

Two Years
Alonso Quintero
Songhee Jeong
Ihsan Theodore Ibarra

One Year
Fahim Zubair
Natasha Batalha
Nicole Contreras
Noel Viramontes
Sergio Resendez
Zeina Habash
Hilary Albright
Maggie Ortlieb
Rachel Feinberg
Sujana Gowni
Vishal Mapara
Jada Blanshard
Rafael Vasquez
Camille Boag
Christopher Kowalchuk
Jeannette Morales
Jonathan Moze
Rachel Miller
Rachel Olsen
Cheyne Burton
Aimee Ortiz
Valeryia Hryb
Alexandra Yacoub
Danzhao Ye
Elizabeth Mack
Jane Shirk

Jun 1

June 2016 Newsletter

We experienced a great victory in June when we were awarded $75,000 by the Viewers to Volunteers Charity Champions League! With the support of our staff members, volunteers, and team captain Kevin Frazier of Entertainment Tonight we finished in third place. We were also very honored to be added to Mohawk Bend’s menu as the featured pie of the month. Supporters were able to order a “Pizza on Wheels” and earn $4 per pie for our organization. This month we also heard success stories from a few of our former students about attending college and their experience with School on Wheels. Lastly, we prepared our tutors for the summer months and held a preparation event to make sure they had everything necessary to encourage summer learning in our kids.