Administering Assessment Guide

General reminders & tips:

  • Make sure your student does not receive any help or hints. This could result in tutoring materials that are frustrating for your student.
  • Do not complete the assessment on a phone. The assessment text is too small to read.
  • If administering remotely, “split your screen” to see the assessment and your student at the same time. Open the assessment and Big Blue Button in 2 separate browser windows, each taking up half of your computer screen.
  • Need to pause? Click “Stop test” and select “Resume later” to save your student’s progress. Sign back in to continue the assessment right away, or up to 8 days later. After 8 days, your student’s test will reset and they will need to start over.
  • We do not receive a notification that your student started the assessment, only the results when it is finished. If your student is not able to complete the assessment for any reason, please notify us so we can determine which materials to send in another way.
  • Don’t give affirmations or congratulations until assessment is done. Instead, you can say “take a deep breath”, “give your best guess”, etc.
  • Once the assessment is done, you can congratulate and praise your student! Tell them something specific that you saw them do well, such as “I know it was hard to focus for that whole time but you did it!”

Click your student’s assessment below for specific reminders:

  • Time: about half of tutoring session.
  • Questions have audio! It will repeat.
  • Student only needs to respond 1, 2 or 3 verbally or with their fingers.
  • Program contact:
  • Time: about half of tutoring session. If student gets a lot of questions right, it will take longer.
  • Student can read questions out loud or silently.
  • Student only needs to respond 1, 2 or 3 verbally or with their fingers.
  • Program contacts: or
  • Time: about one tutoring session.
  • Student only needs to respond a, b or c.
  • Student should use a paper and pencil.
  • Student can not use a calculator unless one appears on the screen.
  • Program contact: