Administering an Assessment

It’s time for you to administer an assessment for your student(s)! Here are some tips and tricks to help make the process a positive one for your student:

One week before the assessment, set expectations with your student. Let them know one session ahead of time that you will be administering an assessment. Give them ample time to get in the appropriate headspace.

On the day of the assessment, give your student a rundown of the assessment process before you begin:

  1. The purpose of the assessment is ONLY to determine what areas they need strengthening in, and you/School on Wheels will not be grading them.
  2. The score they receive is not a reflection of their intelligence (or of your abilities as a tutor!)
  3. The student should choose the answer they think BEST answers the question. If they are unsure of the solution, they should make their best-educated guess.
  4. They will be able to take breaks if they need to, so they should go slow and put in their best effort.
  5. Inform them that you can read any question/answer choice out loud to them, but you cannot explain concepts or definitions to them. If they are unsure, they should make their best-educated guess.

During the assessment, do your best to pay attention to your student’s behavior. If they are distracted or unfocused, you can pause the test to take a moment. If you need a break, please feel free to take one. It will set a great example for your student if they see it is ok to ask.

Finally, congratulate your student on completing their assessment! Let them know that they will be taking a post-assessment in the future to continue charting their progress.

We appreciate your timely assistance with administering this assessment. The results from these tests help School on Wheels understand the needs of our students and how we can communicate them to our families, volunteers, and donors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My student isn’t focused on/paying attention to the test:
    • It’s always okay to pause! Once you follow the steps to pause, you can take a few minutes to breathe, stretch, play a quick game, or do physical activities to get some energy. You want your student’s full attention on the assessment to obtain the best results.
  • know my student knows this answer but is a little off. Should I choose the answer I know they know?:
    • Although it can be frustrating to watch your student struggle, that is a part of the process! Please ONLY choose the answer your student indicates is their answer.
  • I know what my student knows already, so why do I have to administer this test:
    • The information gathered from the assessment will not only benefit your student but School on Wheels as a whole. This data helps us hone in on how to help our students best, and we so appreciate that you are helping us by conducting an assessment!
  • The background is loud/people are talking to my student:
    • If the student’s environment is detrimental to their test-taking, please ask them if they would like to reschedule the test for another session. We suggest that your student use headphones during their test to minimize outside distractions.

Please contact Jason Wright at with any questions or concerns.