• "I’m learning every week not only from other wonderful tutors but from the awesome students who trust me and share their stories."

    Diana Peterson Online/Region 11 Diana is a very engaging and committed online tutor. She always comes up with creative ways to reach our students. She's also very communicative, consistently reaching out for ideas to help her students and offering suggestions to improve our program. Emma Gerch, Coordinator I learned about School on Wheels from a colleague I work with here at Khan Academy, who had also learned about it from another Khan employee. I was…

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  • "Tutoring a second grader provides a bright spot in my week and the deep satisfaction of using my years of teaching experience."

    Melinda Gevorgian Region 7 I nominated Melinda because I can always count on her to be consistent, dedicated, have a huge smile on her face, and a day brightener for the kids she tutors. I am very lucky to have her in Region 7! Riley H., Team Leader I learned about School on Wheels after searching online about different ways to give back to my community. I was already volunteering with the San Fernando Valley…

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  • "I choose to tutor with School on Wheels because I am committed to helping provide equal access to education for all." – Clara Keane

    Congratulations and sincere thanks to: Winnie Strohmeyer (Headquarters)Victor Maldonado (Region 4)Albert Zhu (Online)Livvy & Alessandra Gonzalez (Region 9)Jeanine Aguirre (Region 10)Sasana Kachirsk (Region 1)Varag Abed (Region 7)Nick Ellis (Region 2)Alexandra Nicolaou (Region 6)Pouye Sedighian & Sahand Pirbadian (Region 11)Clara Fu (Region 3)Theresa Sterling (Region 5)Joe Carmona (Region 8) « top of list Winnie Strohmeyer(Headquarters) I became aware of School on Wheels through my dear friend Catherine Meek. Once I became aware of School on Wheels…

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  • "Getting to know my students has profoundly shown me the impact we all have on our students’ lives."

    Online: Aidan Stern - I see the impact that we School on Wheels tutors have on the lives of homeless students. Through online tutoring, I have been able to interact with students far beyond where I live, and I can fit tutoring time in spaces that would be impossible with regular school, work and commuting. These past few months I have watched my students gradually grow in their skills of complex arithmetic and grammar concepts.…

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  • "Mr.Eric helps me with multiplication and he plays card games with me. Mr.Eric should be tutor of the month because he is a good tutor." – Aisha, 3rd Grade

    Skid Row Learning Center: Eric Sarabia - Mr.Eric is a great tutor and he is nice and also helpful. He is funny and he helps me with my homework when I need help with it. He helps me when I am writing a story. Mr.Eric helps me with multiplication and he plays card games with me. Mr.Eric should be tutor of the month because he is a good tutor. - Aisha, 3rd Grade   Region…

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  • "I learned as much from my experience tutoring as Issa learned in being confident in his math and himself."

    Region 2 – South LA: David Salazar - My first experience in tutoring for School On Wheels was when I met Issa who taught me how important it is to help kids during difficult times in their lives and how we can help so much by just being there. I learned as much from my experience tutoring as Issa learned in being confident in his math and himself.     Region 2 – South LA:…

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Becoming a volunteer tutor can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

Please view our location map to see where we provide in-person volunteer opportunities.

Online Orientation

Apply and we will send you a link to our 45 minute orientation, to watch at your convenience.

Introductory Training

Next, we will invite you to register for one of our in person trainings. All volunteers must also complete a Live Scan fingerprint background check.

Student Matching

Finally, we will review your volunteer preferences to make that perfect student/tutor match for you!

Ways You Can Volunteer


Volunteer tutors are positive role models who provide consistency and educational assistance to a child through weekly one-on-one tutoring.

Tutor with your family

Support your children in their school’s community service requirement. Young people (ages 12 – 15) may tutor with an adult family member or guardian.

Peer Tutoring

If you are 16 to 18 years of age, and need to complete community service hours in order to graduate, become a peer tutor.

Tutor Coordinator

The role of the Tutor Coordinator is to provide ongoing support to students by matching them with volunteer tutors and serving as the liaison between the tutors, the shelter/location, and School on Wheels.

Group Tutoring

Volunteer tutors may be part of a group, tutoring and interacting with several other tutors and students. This opportunity is typically available at emergency shelters and group homes where student turnover is high.

Online Tutoring

Meet your student online and collaborate using audio, video and shared whiteboard.


As a volunteer tutor, you will be joining a team of dedicated and committed volunteers. We ask that you are able to:

  • Tutor consistently one-hour per week typically between the hours of 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Travel to a shelter, motel, school or site to meet your student.
  • Complete our introductory training and advanced training after three months of tutoring.
  • Demonstrate patience, persistence and an innate love for learning.


Volunteer tutors working one-on-one with students meet in a public place such as a library, after-school club, shelter, group foster home, or school site.

  • Tutoring may take place indoors or outdoors. Not all tutoring locations are ideal; flexibility is the key.
  • If you have special requirements or student age/grade/location preferences, please let us know in your application form.
  • Volunteers who are part of a group will tutor and interact with several other tutors and students.

Other Volunteering Opportunities

Intern – We love Interns! Are you available for a few hours a week to help our office staff with administrative tasks?

Computers/Technology – If you would like to help at one of our learning centers, our computers always need attention and love.

Canvassing - Help spread the word about School on Wheels and attract more volunteer tutors. We provide you or your group with fliers and posters so that you can canvas your local area with information about School on Wheels.

Host a Recruiting Event – Set up a table with information about School on Wheels at your place of work or a local store/location.

Host a Backpack Drive – Set up a backpack or school supply drive at your place of work or at an event. We can provide you with all the materials you will need.

If you have additional skills such as fundraising, public speaking, event planning, technology, workshop facilitation, etc. we would love to hear from you.

To inquire about these
opportunities, please email volunteers@schoolonwheels.org.

“Thank you for wanting to make a difference in the life of a child without a home. Nothing is more precious than your time which you are generously offering.”

– Agnes Stevens, Founder