2021 Annual Report

Mission Statement

Since 1993, the mission of School on Wheels has never wavered: to enhance educational opportunities for children who are experiencing homelessness from kindergarten through twelfth grade. Our goal is to shrink the gaps in their learning and provide them with the highest level of education possible. Our program serves as a consistent support system for our students during a time of great stress and fear.

A message from Executive Director Charles Evans

“In a year of unprecedented challenges, the need for technology and WiFi couldn’t be more critical for our students.”

– Charles Evans

From Board President Joshua Fein

Dear Friends of School on Wheels,

This past year we continued to realize our goals while facing another trying period for our students and their families. Our volunteers, our staff and our partners have demonstrated tireless effort in providing for our students experiencing homelessness. We continued to grow and perfect our online tutoring and started to provide in-person tutoring again as schools and shelters opened up. Engagement with students increased as a result of new MOUs with major school districts, enabling us to reconnect with many of those who were isolated during the pandemic.

Thank you to our committed tutors and staff that prioritize our student’s needs, and to all of our wonderful donors and partners, for their continued phenomenal support of our students and our mission.

Joshua Fein

Board President

Executive Board

Our board members are dedicated professionals, advocates, and philanthropists who support and advance our mission by being trusted stewards of our financial and business management and by raising one-half million dollars each year. Thank you for dedicating your time, treasure, and counsel to investing in the future of the unhoused children we serve.

Christine Chambers Goodman
Professor, Pepperdine University School of Law

Steven Dahlberg
President, The Kissel Company, Inc.

Joshua Fein
President, Chief Financial Officer,
Property Management Associates, Inc.

Jackson George
Senior Vice President, Disney Studios

Beong-Soo Kim
Senior Vice President and General Counsel,
University of Southern California

Laurie Levit
Educational Consultant

Clifford Neiman
Secretary, Principal, The Neiman Group Architects

Catherine Meek
Executive Advisor

Cecil L. “Chip” Murray
Professor of Religion, Tanzy Chair in Christian Ethics, University of Southern California

Ellen Padnos
Co-Founder, Joyful Giving

Janvi Patel
Entrepreneur, founder, lawyer, and activist for women and children’s rights

Jarrod Phillips
Treasurer, Chief Accounting Officer, Ares Management

Jonathan Reid
Senior Program Officer,
Grants & Programs LA84 Foundation

Angela M. Sanchez
Program Analyst for College Success,
ECMC Foundation

Lynn Stone

Janet A. Wertman
Development Consultant

Melissa Zukerman
Managing Partner, Principal Communications Group

Sierra & Catherine’s story

Sierra was 6 years old when I first met her. She was a tiny, wee girl with big eyes and glasses. She lived with her mom in a transitional shelter. When I first tutored her, she was scared (and scarred) and would hide under the desk in the tutoring room. I sat with her under the desk for weeks, reading out loud and listening to her silence. One day I came to tutor, and there she was ….. sitting at the desk waiting for me to read her favorite book, Chrysanthemum. From that time on, we bonded every week for about two years.

Sierra was extremely bright and curious about the world and loved to go on field trips to pumpkin patches, zoos, and water parks. Her life, however, was filled with darkness and sorrow. Her mother abandoned her in the shelter and she went into the foster system. I kept tutoring her for another year and then lost touch when the foster family moved out of the county.

I never forgot her. She held a special place in my heart and I tried for years to find her. I posted messages on social media every year on her birthday wishing her (and hoping for) warmth, safety and love. Then, one day, about 12 years later, there was a friend request from Sierra! What joy.

Fast forward to May 2022 when I attended Sierra’s wedding, a beautiful joyous occasion, set in a woodland preserve. She is still a tiny wee lass with big eyes and glasses. But now, she is no longer scared and is surrounded by love and her new family. Success comes in many forms for kids like Sierra and Sierra is a wonderful success story. My heart is full.

— Catherine Meek, Executive Advisor

New ways to help our students in 2021

Over the past 24 months, we pivoted along with the rest of the world to an online existence, finding ways to adapt and improve our program to support students despite the challenges. Our ancillary support addresses specific needs, including school re-enrollment, devices and internet access, school supplies.

We adapted our practices for the pandemic circumstances – and in doing so found new and important ways to help our students, such as supporting their social-emotional needs,

bringing their parents into the process to foster a love of learning, providing Chromebooks/devices, and improving their proficiency with digital tools and strategies.

And, as always, School on Wheels staff and volunteers provided connection at a time when other connections were impossible. For our students, they are trusted adults, who teach, mentor, and assist their educational lives and provide a regular environment of reinforcement, positive modeling, and constructive feedback.

A Year of Impact

Our tutoring program forms the center of our work: wonderful volunteers from all backgrounds and professions commit to devoting at least an hour each week tutoring a child experiencing homelessness. This level of focused educational support has amazing transformative potential and our extensive ancillary programs increase its impact.
In 2021 over 90% of tutoring was online, with nearly 20,000 tutoring sessions taking place via our online tutoring platform, Big Blue Button.

About Our Work

students tutored
volunteer tutors
counties served

Resources Supplied to Students

3867 backpacks
Three students, all wearing backpacks
School on Wheels staff and partners from the California Science Center pose holding "Camp in a Bag" activity kits
2500 art and science kits
Over 1000 laptops, tablets, and hotspots
1973 books


“The most meaningful connection I’ve ever made in my life is with my student Diego.”

— Chris Webster, School on Wheels Volunteer

Our program would not be possible without the dedication and commitment of the thousands of volunteers who show up every week to provide positive mentorship and educational assistance to the most vulnerable students in our community.

Volunteering can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

​​​​In 2021 the President of the United States recognised the following volunteers for their outstanding commitment and impact to our students.  The Presidential Service Award is given for unpaid acts of volunteer service benefitting others. 

Presidential Recognition:

  • Aarij Gora
  • Alice Ma
  • Andrew Chung
  • Ara Khoylyan
  • Audrey Hong
  • Ava Tran
  • Bob Morris
  • Catherine Meek
  • Dallas Waxler
  • Dana Altschuler
  • Darren Cao
  • David Sedeghi
  • Eden Ettenger
  • Ellen Padnos
  • Ernest Okano
  • George Dinhaupt
  • Gregory Demirjian
  • Helen Kwon
  • Jainam Shah
  • James Gomez
  • Janet Kempf
  • Jessica Spake
  • John Pham
  • Josh Fein
  • Juanita Bigelow
  • Judith Seki
  • Julliana Claire Tabuada
  • Kathylee Soto
  • Kyrillos Mina
  • Lynn Johnson
  • Lynn Stone
  • Margie Johnson
  • Martha Doran
  • MaryJo Fein
  • Matthew Chen
  • Maureen Swenson
  • Meng Liev
  • Patty Tiso
  • Rebecca Braun
  • Riday Bhatrai
  • Rima Fakih
  • Rosemary Shinbane
  • Sai Rithvik Kotla
  • Spencer Flynn
  • Stacey Millett
  • Suzanne Rizzolo
  • Tim Knapp
  • Winnie Strohmeyer

Just one hour a week of either virtual or in-person tutoring makes a big difference for a student.  The following volunteers are honored for their weekly commitment to their students.

  • Aarij Gora
  • Adrianne Rippinger
  • Alex Barloewen
  • Alexandra Perez
  • Alice Ma
  • Alyssa Marie Ayudante
  • Amanda Zaumeyer
  • Andra Cover
  • Andrew Chung
  • Andrew Nguyen
  • Antonio Estrada
  • Anya Alag
  • Ara Khoylyan
  • Audrey Hong
  • Ava Tran
  • Aviv Wilder
  • Batool Hussain
  • Brynne Burrows
  • Casey Hoeschler
  • Catherine Meek
  • Chris Smith
  • Christine Lam
  • Clara Son
  • Dallas Waxler
  • Dana Altschuler
  • Darren Cao
  • David Liu
  • David Sedeghi
  • Donna Malkin
  • Eden Ettenger
  • Ellen Song
  • Elyse Stelford
  • Ernest Okano
  • Ethan Nguyen
  • Farid Holakouee
  • Franklin Rutherford
  • Gabrielle Mostow
  • George Dinhaupt
  • Grace Wakabayashi
  • Helen Kwon
  • Inesa Navasardyan
  • Jainam Shah
  • James Gomez
  • Janet Adams
  • Janet Kempf
  • Jaslyn Wong
  • Jeffrey Chen
  • Jessica Kenahan
  • Jessica Spake
  • John Pham
  • Juanita Bigelow
  • Judith Seki
  • Julliana Claire Tabuada
  • Kathleen Brennecke
  • Kathylee Soto
  • Kayla Nguyen
  • Kevin DeLoach
  • Kyrillos Mina
  • Lihi Shadmi
  • Lynn Johnson
  • Mara Miyashiro
  • Margie Johnson
  • Matthew Chen
  • Maureen Swenson
  • Meng Liev
  • Merilee Sperber
  • Michael Allen
  • Michael Erzingher
  • Missy Yota
  • Mito Tariveranmoshabad
  • Nick Mckenna
  • Patty Tiso
  • Phillip Chung
  • Polly Bamberger
  • Rachel Kim
  • Raya Smith
  • Rebecca Braun
  • Riday Bhatrai
  • Robin Acosta
  • Rosemary Shinbane
  • Sai Rithvik Kotla
  • Sean Johnson
  • Shant Khamo
  • Shreya Mardia
  • Spencer Flynn
  • Stacey Millett
  • Suzanne Rizzolo
  • Tiana Shambayati
  • Tim Bonds
  • Tim Knapp
  • Tina Hsieh
  • Vasanthi Bhaskar
  • Victor Nguyen
  • William Sweeney
  • Winnie Strohmeyer

“Working with Emily, I have realized that whatever has happened to me is nothing compared to what this little kid has gone through. She is very resilient, and that thought fills me with patience and a genuine desire to help her.”

– Lydia Cruz-Machlitt, Volunteer Tutor

Our Students

About our students

We provide free tutoring and mentoring to children from kindergarten through twelfth grade living in shelters, motels, vehicles, group foster homes, and the streets of Southern California. In 2021 nearly 60% of students served were living in homeless shelters.

By Housing Type

By Race

“School on Wheels was a big part of my life when I was homeless. They were always there for me and I attended their learning center after school every day. When so many doors were closing for me and my family theirs was always open.”

 – Student Yhomira

By Grade

The children we serve are among the most vulnerable and neglected individuals in our nation. Only 64% of students experiencing homelessness graduate high school. Youth without a high school diploma are 4.5 times more likely to experience homelessness as an adult.

As a result of the pandemic, the average student lost a cumulative five months of learning. But it is estimated that our students lost a whopping seven months. The pandemic exacerbated existing systemic inequalities and deepened the digital divide.

“Children in every demographic group have been affected, but Black and Hispanic children, as well as those from low-income families, those with disabilities and those who are not fluent in English, have fallen the furthest behind.”

 – Dana Goldstein, New York Times

Despite these unprecedented circumstances, our 1700+ students rose to the challenge and continuously strive to succeed, meeting weekly one-on-one with their tutors. If the pandemic has demonstrated anything, it is the resiliency of our incredible young learners to persevere no matter what. We are honored to support them on their academic journey.

“The tutors we met through School on Wheels have become family. They went above and beyond for my family. They never saw my children as just a student they had to tutor. They listened to them, encouraged them, and gave them undivided attention. They were great role models and great friends. My kids not only respect their tutors but really look up to them. Their consistency meant so much to my kids. They looked forward to seeing their tutor. For that, I will always be grateful”.

 – Parent Blanca

Our Programs

Core Programs

In 2021, K-4 students improved their literacy skills by 21%; in the past six months, fifth through eighth grade students increased math skills by almost one grade level, and self-efficacy surveys showed a 40% increase in confidence in ninth through 12th graders.

ABC Literacy Program
(Grades K-4)

Based on assessment scores, we provide a selection of materials that are appropriately challenging for each student. We provide both materials for students who are still learning to read and for those who are now reading to learn.

Academic Program
(Grades 5-8)

Our individually tailored Academic Program focuses on math and English Language Arts. The program consists of the online adaptive learning program Freckle, guided lessons and worksheets, and the myON ebook library.

BUS Program (Grades 9-12)

Our Believe-Understand-Succeed Program is designed to:

  • Help our high school students graduate.
  • Provide our students with exposure to the most critical 21st Century skills.
  • Connect our students with organizations that provide post-high school opportunities in continuing education and career development.

Enrichment Programs

Only 19% of children ages 3 to 18 experiencing homelessness have access to a laptop or computer device at their primary residence.

Digital Learning Initiative

Our Digital Learning Initiative empowers our students to be able to participate in online learning and develop crucial 21st-century skills. Our ultimate goal is to bridge the digital divide and provide equitable access to our students. Our initiative includes technology and connectivity access, digital literacy, Digital Learning Centers, and online tutoring.

Social and Emotional Learning

Our Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Program provides tutors with the tools to help students combat stress by teaching them to pause, breathe, and gauge their feelings before responding to an emotional situation. Our SEL learning tools are designed to help students process what they are feeling in a safe space.


Students are encouraged to apply to our scholarship programs which can be used for college, trade schools, arts/music/sports programs, educational summer programs, apprenticeships or enrichment classes. These scholarships are available for current and former students up to the age of 23. In 2021 we awarded 34 of these scholarships.

Union Rescue Mission Summer Tutoring Program

Even though the majority of tutoring in 2021 was online, we continued to offer in-person tutoring to some of our most vulnerable students, including children living in shelters in Skid Row.

“I’ve been tutoring kids in stable housing for years and I know even small obstacles can feel huge to kids, much less something as daunting as homelessness. Seeing the impact of just a little bit of consistent individual attention has been so humbling. My current student was a very reluctant reader when I met her. A few months ago I treated her to a game she loves as part of her session, and a few minutes in she asked, ‘Can we read a story now?”

 – Tutor Casey Hoeschler


For 29 years, School on Wheels has maintained strong financial stability ensuring our growth supports our students in the best possible way. Your generous support helps us provide programs and services throughout six counties in Southern California, investing in the educational lives of our students.

Key highlights for 2021:

  • You partnered with us to raise an incredible $3,091,625 in these challenging times. 
  • We spent 92 cents of every dollar donated for programs and services that help kids experiencing homelessness with their education. 
  • Our material donors continue to allow us to provide laptops/devices, hot spots, backpacks, school supplies, gift cards and science kits to over 5,000 students.
  • Note that Total Income includes loan forgiveness on the SBA Payroll Protection Program.

Revenue & Support

Individuals $616,50620%
Corporations/Corporate Foundations$297,66510%
Special Events$119,6824%
Donated Materials$330,41910%
Unrealized Gain/Loss on Investments($5,118)0%
Interests/Net Other Income$5,1550%
SBA Payroll Protection Loan Forgiveness$279,715
Total Revenues, Support, and Other Income$3,371,340


Program Services$3,071,21392%
Support Services$132,7054%
Webasto team presents a big donation check to School on Wheels


In 2021, you and 1,712 supporters like you rose to the challenge of providing financial assistance and funding in the form of grants, cash and materials donations. You made it possible for nearly 2,000 students to receive one-on-one weekly tutoring and support. You ensured they were not forgotten.

The pandemic forced School on Wheels to adapt our strategies to new realities, far beyond our pivot to online work. Poverty and racism disproportionately burden our students who are already academically behind and experiencing massive trauma. Our staff and volunteers provide connection at a time when other connections are impossible.

We’re proud of our partnerships – and our partners – who continue to help so many persevere at this unprecedented time.

BLT Enterprises helped us raise over $100,000.00 by matching all donations on Giving Tuesday.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, USC Good Neighbors has funded 107 grants to local nonprofits and community programs.

Discover A Star has supported School on Wheels for many years, and we are proud to call them our friends. In 2021 they also hosted a holiday toy drive for our students.

Gifts of $250,000+

The Theodore J. Forstmann Charitable Trust

Gifts of $100,000+

Annenberg Foundation
The Eisner Foundation Inc.
Great Public Schools Now
Windsong Trust

Gifts of $50,000+

Amazon.com Services LLC
BLT Enterprises
The Edward A. and Ai O. Shay Family Foundation
The Michael Simmons Charitable Foundation
The William, Jeff and Jennifer Gross Family Foundation

Gifts of $40,000+

The Kenneth T. & Eileen L. Norris Foundation
Steinmetz Foundation

Gifts of $30,000+

California Community Foundation
California Foundation for Stronger Communities
Charities Aid Foundation America
Dwight Stuart Youth Fund
Kissel Company Inc.
The Sharon D. Lund Foundation
USC Good Neighbors Campaign

Gifts of $20,000+

AT&T Services, Inc.
Bluebird Legacy, Inc
Catherine and Jarrod Phillips
Crail-Johnson Foundation
David Peters
The Genevieve & Carlo Cabanilla Fund
Gesner-Johnson Family Foundation

The John W. Carson Foundation
Joseph Drown Foundation
Josh Fein and MaryJo Lauterio
Jusdeep’s Legacy Community Care Foundation
Margaret M. Bloomfield Family Foundation
The Mark Hughes Foundation

The Rose Hills Foundation
Sawchuk Family Foundation
Sunair Children’s Foundation
UCLA Undergraduate Education Honors Program
Universal Studios Hollywood’s Discover A Star Foundation
Wasserman Foundation

Gifts of $10,000+

Antonia and Dave Carpenter
Bowen H. & Janice Arthur McCoy Charitable Foundation
Carrie Estelle Doheny Foundation
CBS Television Studios
Chris Silbermann and Julia Franz
David Kordansky Gallery
Dora F. Levit Fund for People
ECMC Foundation
The Harper / Harpoothian Family Fund

The Looker Foundation
The Louis & Harold Price Foundation, Inc.
Lynn Gardner and Paul Multari
Devan and Tara Marshall
Michal and Ken Salkin
Nathan Fielder
Norman Schiele and Renee Longan
Steven and Stephanie Dahlberg

The Play Equity Fund
Property Management Associates, Inc.
Rising Realty Partners, LP
Scott Family Foundation, Inc.
Seattle-Sonoran Foundation
The Sylvain And Marjorie Heumann Family Foundation
William C. Bannerman Foundation

Gifts of $5,000+

Amanda and Mark Kresser
Andrew and Colleen Goldberg
Beong-Soo Kim and Bonnie Wongtrakool
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
Catherine Meek and Al Earle
The Chernin Group
City National Bank
Conrad N. Hilton Foundation
Craig Murray
David Miner
Earl Nelson
Edison International

Empyrean Capital Partners
Frederick S. Upton Foundation
Girl & the Goat
The Herman Foundation
InSync Plus
James and Cheryl Furlan
James Moseley
Jamie and Misha Bedner
Joann and Stan Benson
Katherine Dang
Katie McGrath & JJ Abrams Family Foundation
The Kim and Harold Louie Family Foundation
Kristine Belson

Larissa Chapin
Lark Ellen Lions Charities
Melissa Zukerman and Benjamin Goldfarb
Menaka Evans
Michelle Paradise
Modern Parking, Inc.
The Neiman Group Architects
Oliver Edmonds
Pauly Kotin
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton
Tracy Salisbury
University Church of Christ
USG Foundation

Gifts of $3,000+

Bowen Tax Law
Cheryl McCutchen
Chris Chambers Goodman and Marc Goodman
Deacon Charitable Foundation
Delphi Foundation
Georges and Germaine Fusenot Charity Foundation
Kristen King

Lisa Marie and Arpan Desai
Lynn and Robert Stone
Makoff Family Foundation
Martingale and Company
Mimi Gazzale
Nick Moceri
Nussbacher Family Fund
Paul Stanford Bernhard Foundation

Richard Bernard and Kim Sandnes
Santa Monica Bay Woman’s Club, Inc.
Sarah McMullan
Skip Paul
Storey Wertheimer
The Walt Disney Company Foundation

Gifts of $2,000+

A.C. Israel Foundation, Inc.
Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
Apple Inc.
Brigid O’Connor
Brock Lohrey
Catherine Chambers
Charlie and Ellen Steinmetz
Christopher Changprai
Community Promise
Daniel Bath
Draya Navaro
Dwight Liu
GHJ Foundation

Google Inc.
Janvi Patel and Omar Al-Midani
Jennifer Penjoyan
Jerold and Rosemary Shinbane
Joy Mashaal
Karl and Laura Slovin
Lydia Turner
Lynn Middleton
Matt & Judy Cullen Family Foundation Inc
Michael Gitlin
Nancy and Mike Wiggins
Nathan Parkhill

Pat Wastal
Prindle, Amaro, Goetz, Hillyard, Barnes & Reinholtz LLP
Rebecca Mall
Robert Maitino
Robert Waxler
Rockwell and Marna Schnabel
Sanford Goner
The Rosenthal Family Foundation
Stephanie Sanford
Titan Investments, LLC
Torrie Asai
Yvonne Derse

Gifts of $1,000+

Aaron Chi
The Adam Frand Foundation
Aerospace Federal Credit Union
Ajay Patel
Alex Fazeli
Amazon Smile Foundation
Ankur Mehta
Arianne Neumark
Barbara Graper
Barbara Kreitzer
Benjamin Wong
Calvin Chan
Carol Hannah
Chip and Sharyn Moore
Chris DiVittorio
Christina Dervin
Chris Wilson
Compass Education Group, LLC.
Curt and Heather Jensen
David Kuker
Dun Foundation
East Tennessee Foundation
Eileen and Mike McAndrews
Ellen and Donald Raab
Evan Pitchford
Feras Faraj
Green Dragon Caregivers, Inc.
Hani Salehihad

Hannah Boundy
Infinite Electronics, Inc.
James Lennon
Jeffrey Bryant
Jenny and Dan Fein
Jeri Sutherling
John And Carolyn Cree Marshall
John Buchanan
Jordan Benudiz
Joseph Daverin
Kevin Scott
The Kuruma Family
Laura Rulona
Leslie Johnson
Marcello Sawyer
Mary Auth
Matthew Garner
Matthew Solari and JC Calciano
Max Ho
Michael and Trisha Husson
Michael Semler
Miller Family Foundation
Mindy Cheng
Momita SenGupta
Monica and David Kendall
Morgan Chu
MWS Wire Industries
NATCA Charitable Organization
Native Daughters of the Golden West Childrens Foundation

Nicola Pedretti
Paul Ng
Pierre Ngo
Qais Feroz
Rachel Davidson
Renee Linton
Renee Mancuso
Richard and Shari Foos
Ronald Funches
Sage Goddess
Sanjay Sharma
Sarah Cho
Scott Heines
Sinead and Darren Chilton
Susan Part
Suzanne Lerner
Synopsys Inc. & The Synopsys Foundation
Talal Sadeh and Zarin Tejani
Tammy Phan
Terry and Karen Harstad
TIAA financial services company
Toni Mendoza
Tyler Vernon
UCLA Model United Nations
United Methodist Church of Westlake Village
Wendy Pearson
Will Tsui

Material Donations

Since 1993 every student we tutor receives a brand new backpack filled with school supplies. But over the last 24 months, we saw the need for other educational tools increase. Technology, books, and activity kits, to name just a few. As always, you, our supporters and friends rose to the challenge, and we were privileged to have the support of some amazing corporations and organizations in 2021, including:

California Science Center donated 550 Camp in a Backpack kits filled with science tools and experiments.

Team Long Run donated 1,000 Activity Discovery Recess Kits.

Paradise Cove Land and the team at Paradise Beach Cafe not only hosted lunch for 150 students in December they also provided toys and goodies for our students.

Major Material Donors

Active Discovery
Allison Latham
Analog Devices
Beverly Seger
The Book Truck
The Broad Museum
California Science Center
Cayton Children’s Museum- Programs
Congregation Shir Ami
Consumer Law Experts PC
Drea Griley
EveryBusiness HR Essentials

Farahi Law Firm, APC
Frances Martinez
Gallant International Inc.
Kate Spade
Mission Church Ventura
New Audio LLC (dba Master & Dynamic)
Paradise Cove Beach Café
SAGE Publications, Inc.

Sam Kuhr
Shadae Atkins
Skylight books
Spin Master Ltd.
Sue Lee
Team Long Run
Temple Aliyah
Temple Judea
Torin Mehmet
Universal Studios Hollywood’s Discover A Star Foundation
Ventura County Credit Union


We were so grateful to be able to host a fundraising event in person in 2021, as well as several field trips for our students, including our annual holiday party at Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in Malibu. Here are just a few photos of our community in 2021.

“Welcome to The Factory” fundraiser

We ended the year with our first in-person event since the pandemic began. Our board of Directors know how to put the FUN into fundraising!

“Where you are right now does not mean you will be there forever. I was homeless and even at my lowest point my tutor pushed me in a nice way to keep up with school and focus on my future. When I got the first acceptance letter to college I felt indebted to Katie, I don’t think I could have done it without her.”

 – Chynna Lloyd, pictured right, with Executive Director, Charles Evans

Awards & Recognition

School on Wheels was honored to be nominated by Omaze as the most impactful non-profit of 2021.

School on Wheels partnered with a CBS team to produce TO THE LETTER, an animated short film that tells the story of a young unhoused student as she attempts to learn how to read. It won first place in the CBS Leadership Pipeline Challenge.

We are proud to be members of: