Academic Program

Our Academic Program helps fill 5th-8th grade students’ learning gaps in math and English Language Arts (ELA).

The program consists of the online learning program Freckle, writing lessons, math and English worksheets, and the myON ebook library. Prior to beginning practice in either subject students complete an assessment, which allows us to tailor the material presented to them.

If you were recently matched with a student in grades 5-8, your student has automatically been enrolled in the Academic Program and you will receive information about administering an assessment shortly. 

You and your student will begin by completing an assessment in math or reading. Once they have completed the assessment, you will get more information about your student’s personalized curriculum, including your student’s Freckle log-in information.

Program Components

Our suggested routine:

5 minutes: Check in, ask your student how their day was and create some shared goals for the session.

15 minutes: Homework help

20 minutes: Academic Program activity (see right)

10 minutes: Do something fun but educational. Find a video related to the topic you discussed, play a game, or something else creative. Click here for ideas.

5 minutes: Check out, review what you’ve accomplished, celebrate successes, and discuss what you’ll work on next time.

Tips for using our suggested routine:

  • Alternate between Freckle and the other program materials every other week.
  • Be sure to insert breaks throughout the session to keep your student focused.
  • Mix things up with other resources on our website, such as the Social Emotional Learning Program or Level Up Digital Litearcy Program