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Mar 28

Group Tutoring Best Practices

In this workshop, experienced group tutor Monica Carrillo and School on Wheels Regional Coordinator Kyle McDonough discuss the challenges of group tutoring. Topics include establishing a routine, behavior issues, and time management. The presenters offer tips and best practices and provide resources for volunteers currently working in or curious about group tutoring settings.

Jan 22

Tutoring Solutions: Advice and Tips to Suit your Student’s Needs #4

This workshop serves as a question and answer session for tutors seeking assistance in helping their student. Allison Maldonado shares ideas, strategies, methods and accommodations for students in varying grades and with a variety of needs – academic or behavioral.

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About the Presenter: Allison Maldonado, Skid Row Learning Center Regional Coordinator, began her teaching career as a community college mentor for non-traditional students such as single mothers, first-generation college students and disabled persons. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in English Literature and Composition, Allison worked as a Special Education teacher for five years. As a teacher, Allison worked with students living with Autism, emotional disturbance, learning disabilities, speech and language impairment and various other disabilities.

Dec 10

Demystifying K-7 Math Common Core Standards

This workshop discusses the rationale behind and the implementation of common core standards in math. Participants learn how the standards are organized, including both general and grade-specific standards. Participants also gain a better understanding of the way in which the standards are taught and the rationale behind the new teaching practices and techniques. While focusing on three specific math standards, Kelsey Ritzel provides examples to help tutors teach the basic math functions in their sessions

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About the presenter:

Kelsey Ritzel is the Associate Director of the High Road School in Norwalk, CT, a nonpublic Special Education school for children with emotional and learning disabilities. Prior to moving to New York, Kelsey worked as an elementary and middle school Special Education teacher in Los Angeles and Baltimore. While living in Los Angeles, Kelsey volunteered as a tutor at the School on Wheels Skid Row Learning Center. She earned her MA in teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland University with a dual certification in Elementary Education and Special Education.

Links to Additional Resources:

Common Core Standards Video
Place Value Based Addition
Place Value Based Subtraction

Nov 14

Tutoring Students with Special Needs

It can be a challenge to work with students with ADHD or other special needs, but it can also be incredibly rewarding. In this workshop, special needs advocate Danielle Wiltchik emphasizes tutoring to address the behavior, not the diagnosis, and she offers helpful tips and techniques to make sessions more productive for both tutor and student. Topics include dealing with homework difficulties, improving attention and lowering stress through mindfulness, and understanding the myths and misconceptions of ADHD.

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About the presenter:

Danielle Wiltchik is a special education tutor with master licensure in mild/moderate needs and a master’s degree in Special Education Cognitive Disabilities. She has over 16 years of experience teaching children with differentiated abilities in private and public settings across the grade levels. A parent of two boys, she is also the owner of Special Needs OC, a private consulting and service provider that specializes in supporting individuals and families with Learning Differences, ADHD, Autism, and other disabilities across the lifespan.

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Sep 17

Bringing EdTech to Your Tutoring Sessions

(Note: there is an echo for the first few minutes, but the audio is clear following this)

Curious about using technology in your tutoring but aren’t sure where to start? In this workshop, School on Wheels digital learning staff shows you how to integrate technology into your tutoring sessions to enhance your student’s learning experience. First, get started with one of the easiest ways to help your student by using our list of 20+ apps, which target specific skill areas by grade and subject. Next, learn how to use our adaptive learning program to track your student’s progress, find personalized worksheets to use during your tutoring sessions, and improve your student’s academic performance by a whole grade level. Finally, learn about online tutoring and how you can utilize it to connect with your student wherever you are, so that your schedule or location never gets in the way of helping your student.

Digital Learning Program Guide (PDF)

About the Presenters:

Sarah Ikemoto, Digital Learning Center Specialist; Ian Chan, Digital Learning Coordinator; Alisa Lemke, Digital Learning Support; Matt Raab, Program Director

Aug 21

Making Math Fun

This workshop reviews ways to identify your student’s ‘math break,’ while also providing tips and techniques to make math fun for both you and your student. Increasing the ‘fun factor’ during tutoring sessions will keep your student engaged and help eliminate learning gaps.

Suggested activities for “Making Math Fun” (PDF)

About the Presenter:

Anita Weir started college as a math major, before eventually earning a degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix. She recently retired from her third career as an Executive Assistant. In previous careers she worked as an Insurance Claims Examiner and an Employee Benefits Specialist. She has been tutoring School on Wheels students since 2012. She lives with her family in Playa del Rey, CA.