Common Tutoring Scenarios

Brainstorm the following:

What would you do in the moment?
What would you do to prevent this situation in the future?

Your student, Wilfred, is in 4th grade. He says he wants tutoring, but never brings schoolwork, resists doing academics, and mostly wants to play his favorite scuba diving game on Roblox with you.

You are tutoring Simone who is in the 3rd grade. Simone’s mother insists that you help her finish all her homework each week. It is clear that Simone doesn’t understand a lot of her English Language Arts homework and you spend the entire hour every week helping her with it.

Your student, Kalimba, is in 7th grade. You try to get her started on work, but she ends up talking about everything except homework during most of your sessions.

Your student, Alivia, is in 2nd grade. She frequently: gets distracted, breaks into song, disappears from the screen, and ignores your directions.

Your student, Isaiah, is in 10th grade, He frequently comes to sessions asking for help on a major project (usually due the next day), plus additional assignments in his other classes.