Enrichment Activities for Group Sites

Peace Corps’ Global Connections: World Wise School
Want to connect with a Peace Corps Volunteer and their students or project in the field? Tutors can directly sign up here

PORTS – Parks Online Resources for Teachers and Students
California State Parks offers digital field trips for students. This is a great way to have an interactive session. 

Level Up Digital Literacy Program
Modular lesson plans for every grade level, covering digital literacy topics and skills using step-by-step activities.

Veterinary Medicine
VetSetGo is a web community that helps students explore the world of veterinary medicine. It also provides resources on how to become a veterinarian.

Art Careers
The Art Career Project is an excellent resource for students interested in art-related careers. It provides information regarding art schools and detailed descriptions of various careers in the arts. The website is designed for older students.

Bureau of Labor Statistics K-12
This website presents free career posters and lessons, links to comprehensive job descriptions, and occupational online games (word search, crossword puzzle, etc.). There are also videos on various occupations for students who tend to be more visual learners. 

Career Education
Videos and documents about various occupations are organized by “career clusters” on this website. 

My Plan
This website is designed to help students start to plan their future by providing in-depth information on different types of colleges and careers and the pathways students can take. It includes a career database, college rankings, a video library, and strengths and personality assessments.

Maintaining a productive group environment
Cult of Pedagogy is a website dedicated to the science and art of teaching. It consists of a blog, a podcast, and videos, all centered around maintaining a productive and fun environment for groups of students.

Ways to get inspired
Edutopia offers inspiration for tutors working in a group setting. It has articles about teaching, classroom management, best practices, and creating individualized activities for a group of students.

Icebreakers for Small Groups
A list of 40 icebreakers you can use during group tutoring to help students get to know each other better.

Group Tutoring Sessions Idea Bank

Funology is aimed at creating fun and educational projects for students using common household items. The website includes ideas for science experiments, crafts, and games.  

School Project Ideas
This website provides a list of easy school projects for students that utilize common resources and encourage individual creativity.

STEM Experiments
This is a list of easy, exciting experiments that demonstrate scientific principles for upper elementary and middle school students. 

STEM Experiments that Require Purchasing Resources
Each experiment on this website comes with  a one-page downloadable PDF. This is a great resource for tutors who do not mind gathering/purchasing a few extra supplies.

Academic Program writing lessons for students in 5th-8th grade

Help your student strengthen their writing skills with engaging prompts in opinion, informative, and narrative writing.

Writing Activities for Elementary School
Prompts, activities, and writing games organized by grade, topic, and skill.

Teaching Improv + Improv Games
This website breaks down how to teach improv to children and provides links to various improv/drama games (including instructions) to play with students.

Creative Writing Prompts
Each writing prompt on this webpage has a short description to helps students get started. These prompts can also serve as starting points for plays or skits.

Write + Perform Skits
This is an incredibly simple PDF template for a play/skit. It can help students organize and execute their ideas.