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Feb 7

Students of the Month – February 2017

Region 4:

“Stephany (3rd Grade)  is such a sweet girl. She’s always one to give gifts, such as rocks, to show how much she appreciates you. She’s hesitant about learning or practicing, especially her multiplication tables, but always strives to do better. I try to make each lesson fun for her, and it really keeps her engaged. It is genuinely exciting to see her do her multiplication tables much faster now. I look forward to our next challenge. Diane Lopez–Tutor


Region 6:

David (10th grade) “I’ve been privileged to work with at least 30 students over the past year at a group foster home in Pomona, but David stands out. When I met him in May, he was quite small for his age and kept to himself, and the older students frequently picked on him. However, he did apply an effort to his homework, which was not true for all of the other students. To encourage student participation, I developed a study quiz game. David didn’t play in the beginning, but eventually, it became one of his favorite things to do during our sessions. It turns out that he is very good in math and spelling! This got the attention of the other students, and before long, they were trying to get David to join their teams. David’s confidence grew, and when he successfully graduated the program in November, I believe he left feeling better about himself and his future.” Deborah Myers–Tutor


Skid Row Learning Center:

Abraham (3rd grade) “Abraham comes in every day enthusiastic and exuberant. He gets his homework done and takes the time to help other students around him. Most days, it’s common to see multiple smiles at whatever table he’s sitting. A joy to tutors and peers alike, Abraham is the epitome of Student of the Month.”  Jesse Polen–Tutor


Online Tutoring:

Vincent (9th Grade)  “My son has really improved his grades a lot since starting his online tutoring and he has developed an outstanding attitude toward learning as well! Vincent looks forward to working with his online tutoring teachers, who are very patient and extremely helpful. He really likes computers now and spends his free time on Khan Academy, YouTube, and other programs and websites. He really enjoys learning.” – Vincent’s Mother

Feb 3

February 2016 Newsletter

Hello Friend,

You helped make last year the best yet for School on Wheels and our students. Thank you! 3,491 homeless students in Southern California were tutored by 2,223 volunteers in 2015. How wonderful is that? We awarded scholarships to 19 awesome students, presented the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award to 124 volunteers, provided backpacks, schools supplies, uniforms, bus tokens and computers to over 7,000 homeless kids, and, we raised over $2,000,000 in funds.

The only way we can accomplish any of this work is because of you, our amazing volunteers and our wonderful, most generous donors. At a time when poor and homeless children are falling through the education cracks faster than we can save them, it is a true testament to your spirit and character that so many of you come together to help homeless students. California has the largest population of homeless students in the country and twice the rate of homeless students as the national average.

Fewer than 25% of these homeless students will graduate from high school.

We know that education improves lives and that investing in education wisely is an economic imperative for this country. Thank you for being there for our students. They need you. We need you. Please continue to advocate for them – tell your families, friends, neighbors, colleagues about how many homeless children there are in the United States (2.5 million) and how invisible and forgotten they are. They have no power and no voice in our society; but you do, and you are helping to change that.

With deep gratitude,

Catherine signature
Catherine Meek
Executive Director

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