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Sep 19

A Positive Approach to Tutoring

Educational Psychologist and School on Wheels tutor, Michael Geisser, provided many practical strategies to encourage positive behavior during tutoring. At the workshop, School on Wheels tutors were able to share problems, learn from “mistakes”, and work towards solutions. Below are some great resources Michael shared with School on Wheels.

Expectations Rules

SLANT Sitting Smart

Voice Noise Levels

About the presenter:

Michael Geisser is a Licensed Educational Psychologist in private practice in Los Angeles – his home town. He is also a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who just retired after 33-years experience as School District Psychologist and Director of Psychological Services/Positive Behavior Support within public schools. He has been a part-time Instructor for graduate studies in the Psychology and Educational Psychology/Counseling Departments at CSUN for over 20 years. Since retiring from the public schools in July 2011, he has been a volunteer tutor with the School on Wheels program as well as a volunteer docent at the Museum of Tolerance.

Mar 27

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

This workshop was an open discussion where School on Wheels tutors could discuss problems, learn from mistakes, and work towards solutions. Many common obstacles like teacher and parent communication, motivating and encouraging your student, and how to balance homework with filling in the gaps. The discussion was facilitated by School on Wheels Education and Training Coordinator Natasha Bayus, Ventura Coordinator Linda Huddle, and Ventura Charter School Director Mary Galvin. Mary also provided an overview of Charter Schools, and some general tips to help students and families connect with their school and teachers.

Feb 6

How to Motivate the Unmotivated

All students are born with the internal desire to learn . . . through conditioning, many have learned to become unmotivated. It is our job as tutors to get them interested in learning again. Zeb has developed and utilized 42 practical tips that he has used to increase motivation in students. In using these tools, he has successfully increased motivation in a countless number of students. During this presentation, we discussed the causes of unmotivated behavior, identified the steps needed to confront these students and the 42 practical tools that Zeb has developed to increase motivation in students.

How to Motivate the Unmotivated – PowerPoint Presentation

Effort Contract

About the Presenter:

Zeb Welborn runs his own tutoring company, The Tutoring Solution, servicing students across Southern California. His website provides daily tips for parents, students, teachers and tutors. He and his brother are also documenting their journey to become an Ironman and a Marathoner on their website, www.runningbrothers.com. Mr. Welborn has 4 years of classroom teaching experience and 11 years of High School coaching experience. He also works as a social media consultant.

Nov 30

Empowering Students Towards Success

This online workshop hosted by School on Wheels and former tutor and PhD candidate Jason Rarick presented an opportunity for tutors to engage in an informal discussion on the value of connecting youth to their own narratives and how tutors can promote a sense of empowerment toward success. For students of any age, setting positive goals is a tremendous undertaking amid so many other obstacles. Jason’s presentation addressed effective ways we can motivate students despite this and maybe even because of it.

Note: The video starts about 5 minutes into the presentation.