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Oct 2

Students of the Month – October 2017

Region 10: 

I have many favorite students but would like to highlight Jesse, who I have personally spent a lot of time tutoring. I’m known as “Mr. Chris, The Math Guy” and Jesse loves his math, so I have been working with him every week. I always challenge him with extra questions, and he is so motivated to do well, it feels so great to be a part of that success!
– Chris Ruoff,
Tutor Coordinator



Heiress (3rd Grade) has made steady improvements since she began online tutoring. In the beginning, Heiress had a hard time keeping focused throughout our sessions. Now, Heiress has started to develop attention to detail while working. She takes pride in her homework, loves art, and enjoys reading aloud. Way to go, Heiress!
– Olivia Galvan, Online Tutor



Region 5:

Malachi (Kindergarten) was very shy when I first met him. In the beginning, he did not have tons of confidence when we had our lessons. But now, if you ask him to count, he is excited to do it for you. He’s recently learned to write his name, and now anytime we start a worksheet, he immediately says, “I’m going to write my name!” While he’s still learning the letters of the alphabet, he approaches it with more confidence than he did before. Instead of “I can’t do that,” he’s starting to say “I’ll try to do that.”
– Marissa High, Tutor

Region 2:

Marie (3rd Grade) When I first started working with Marie, she was struggling a bit with her math homework. What was great to see, though, is that as soon as she realized she had an advocate in me and that it was OK to ask questions when she didn’t understand to get more explanations, she became very engaged and proactive. She requests additional practice for problems that are more challenging and, overall, has a wonderful, can-do attitude. She is more confident and enjoys our work together.
– Pamela Worona, Tutor

Region 2:

Issa (5th Grade) was 11 years old and was doubtful about having a new tutor. Fortunately, we clicked, and we worked on his weakest subject, math. He was enthusiastic to learn, and learn he did. In the end he did very well on his tests, and his confidence went through the roof! – David Salazar, Tutor