Month: March 2018

Mar 20

Tutoring Solutions: Advice and Tips to Suit your Student’s Needs #6

This workshop serves as a question and answer session for tutors seeking assistance in helping their student. Allison covers some highly requested topics including solutions to common behavior issues, resources for creative curriculum, tips to deal with the pressure of achieving goals within the grading periods, and strategies in special education.

About the Presenter: Allison Maldonado, Skid Row Learning Center Regional Coordinator, began her teaching career as a community college mentor for non-traditional students such as single mothers, first-generation college students and disabled persons. After graduating from UCLA with a degree in English Literature and Composition, Allison worked as a Special Education teacher for five years. As a teacher, Allison worked with students living with Autism, emotional disturbance, learning disabilities, speech and language impairment and various other disabilities.

Mar 20

Students of the Month – March 2018

Region 3:

Lawrence (3rd Grade), Makiyah (5th Grade), and Legend (2nd Grade) – Lawrence, Kiyah, and Legend are three incredibly aware students with a wealth of intellectual potential. Lawrence is extremely passionate about civil rights and black history and dreams to create his own organization that provides support to the homeless community. Kiyah is greatly involved with comic books and video games and enjoys schooling her tutors on the latest comics and games. Kiyah is a science lover and could be the next author of a science-action comic book. Legend has a legendary brain to match his bright spirit. Legend is working on his focus and dedication to his school work, but there’s always time for a good laugh. The Henderson family is a strong constellation with each star offering a unique light. – Jack Ironstone, Tutor


Region 5:

Deemar (Age 7) – My current student, Deemar, has been the most rewarding and at the same time, the most challenging student I have dealt with so far. When we first met in September 2017, he was scoring around 10-20% on his spelling tests and was frustrated with the idea of learning how to spell. We’ve had good days and we’ve had bad days, but most importantly, we kept pushing forward week after week. I’m happy to share that he recently finished off 2017 with back to back 80% scores on his spelling tests, capping off a few months of steady growth. He is more excited about our sessions now, and I can’t wait to continue seeing him grow and become a great speller and reader in the years to come. – Jonathan Garcia, Tutor


Region 4:

Ariana (4th Grade) – I have been working with a sweet and lively 4th grader by the name of Ariana. Ariana is a lovely young lady that loves her three sisters, enjoys school and is very positive about life. Every week, she looks forward to what library books I will bring, as she loves to read to me. Recently, I asked to review her school planner and was so humbled to see that she even wrote my name in her planner on our tutoring day. When I recently asked Ariana what she would like to focus on, she wanted to do some science as her school does not spend a lot of time on that subject. So this week I brought supplies to do the classic diet cola and mentos experiment. Ariana and her sisters loved it! Now that I have discovered a fun reward (science), I plan to have a weekly experiment to positively end each session. I’m so glad that I have this opportunity to work with School on Wheels. It is such a rewarding experience! – Cathy Anderson, Tutor

Mar 19

Tutor Anniversaries March 2018

We would like to give a huge shout out to all of these amazing tutors who have volunteered with us for a year or more! We couldn’t impact the lives of thousands of children without you.

Ten Years
Dick Bennett

Eight Years
Jeffrey Jacobs
Jacquelin Arroyo
Lauren Nguyen

Five Years
Damion Wagner
Roy Friedland
Kristen Schulle-Griffin

Four Years
Natalie Platon
Ian Chan
Carolyn Shipley
Ana Terrell
Jacqueline Hantgan
Chris Goodman

Three Years
Raven Loya
Chris Changprai
Thomas Niskanen
Bryan Rupley
Erin Hughes
Hao Do
Piper Ingram

Two Years
Mary Ann Mailloux
Chris Klein
Alexandra Bendheim
Gina Borys
Varag Abed
Richard Pineda
Lonnie Suen

One Year
Camille Wedbush
Holly Powell
Dhanawat Darakananda
Katherine McCarthy
Victor Maldonado
Greg Yaroma
Kathryn Powell
Crystal Gutenberger
Michael Spencer
Robert Wenham
Karen Prather
Mitsue Hosokawa
Maryam Bharucha
Laura Vinyard
Melissa Ruiz
Linda Viser
Cinthia Camacho
Jack Adams
Theresa Olmstead
Angela Allmendinger
Tom Lopez
Alexandria Malilay
Ashley Clave
Joseph Flaherty
Cynthia Kelly
Annika Bassey
Richard Bernard
David Jooryabi
Claire Collins-Ham
Sofia Santos
Julie Hershkowitz
Nikil Grama

Mar 19

Tutors of the Month – March 2018

Region 3 – Westside:

Aidan Stern – The School On Wheels community is one of untapped potential in the mainstream consciousness. The family I tutor showed me an intelligence, thoughtfulness, creativity, and most importantly, an unparalleled resilience that I find extremely inspiring. If they can show up for the session, I have no excuse not to be there with them. My hope is to be a source of encouragement and motivation to support their educational journey. My favorite moments are in between the tutoring sessions: right before the tutoring starts and the mini breaks we take during the session where I get to better understand the students and their personal philosophies. My goal for each session is to get the kids to celebrate their mistakes and learn from them rather than judge themselves harshly for it; to provide a stress free space of levity where we accept mistakes as part of the process and learn from each other through open discussions.


Sarah Lohmar – Although I have only been an online tutor for a little less than a year, I have quickly learned to love working with the students and getting them excited about learning. What is great about School on Wheels is that it focuses not only on education, but on inspiring confidence in students. I have learned that this confidence can be built in many ways, whether it be helping students realize they really do understand the material or by asking about their favorite subjects in school. Thanks to volunteering as a tutor, I get to help my local community and work with amazing, energetic students every week!


Yuki Jung – I became an online tutor after hearing about School on Wheels from a co-worker a year ago. I am constantly amazed by the curiosity and resilience of the students. I feel extremely lucky to support them as they overcome the challenge of reading a tricky word or adding two-digit numbers. I also love getting to know what gets them excited, whether it is Godzilla, tic-tac-toe, or spiders. Even though tutoring online has its challenges, I am grateful every week to School on Wheels for the opportunity to work with my students.