Mar 20

Students of the Month – March 2018

Students of the Month – March 2018

Region 3:

Lawrence (3rd Grade), Makiyah (5th Grade), and Legend (2nd Grade) – Lawrence, Kiyah, and Legend are three incredibly aware students with a wealth of intellectual potential. Lawrence is extremely passionate about civil rights and black history and dreams to create his own organization that provides support to the homeless community. Kiyah is greatly involved with comic books and video games and enjoys schooling her tutors on the latest comics and games. Kiyah is a science lover and could be the next author of a science-action comic book. Legend has a legendary brain to match his bright spirit. Legend is working on his focus and dedication to his school work, but there’s always time for a good laugh. The Henderson family is a strong constellation with each star offering a unique light. – Jack Ironstone, Tutor


Region 5:

Deemar (Age 7) – My current student, Deemar, has been the most rewarding and at the same time, the most challenging student I have dealt with so far. When we first met in September 2017, he was scoring around 10-20% on his spelling tests and was frustrated with the idea of learning how to spell. We’ve had good days and we’ve had bad days, but most importantly, we kept pushing forward week after week. I’m happy to share that he recently finished off 2017 with back to back 80% scores on his spelling tests, capping off a few months of steady growth. He is more excited about our sessions now, and I can’t wait to continue seeing him grow and become a great speller and reader in the years to come. – Jonathan Garcia, Tutor


Region 4:

Ariana (4th Grade) – I have been working with a sweet and lively 4th grader by the name of Ariana. Ariana is a lovely young lady that loves her three sisters, enjoys school and is very positive about life. Every week, she looks forward to what library books I will bring, as she loves to read to me. Recently, I asked to review her school planner and was so humbled to see that she even wrote my name in her planner on our tutoring day. When I recently asked Ariana what she would like to focus on, she wanted to do some science as her school does not spend a lot of time on that subject. So this week I brought supplies to do the classic diet cola and mentos experiment. Ariana and her sisters loved it! Now that I have discovered a fun reward (science), I plan to have a weekly experiment to positively end each session. I’m so glad that I have this opportunity to work with School on Wheels. It is such a rewarding experience! – Cathy Anderson, Tutor