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Jun 19

25 Workshops Every Tutor Needs To Watch

As 2018 is our 25th Anniversary and in celebration of¬†all things 25 we are posting a¬†series of lists to help you our¬†volunteers make the most of our resources.¬†¬†Summer is a great time to catch up and hone your tutoring skills.¬† Our Education team are constantly creating and sharing workshops and webinars on various topics relating to tutoring and mentoring and here’s our TOP 25!

  1. Literacy Strategies for Older Students Struggling to Read

  2. Tutoring Solutions: Advice and Tips to Suit your Student’s Needs #6

  3. Intro to Group Tutoring and the Digital Learning Model

  4. Tutoring Commercially Sexually Exploited Children ‚Äď CSEC 101

  5. What to Do When There’s Nothing to Do

  6. Changing Attitudes and Behavior in Your Tutoring Sessions

  7. Tutoring Solutions: Advice and Tips to Suit your Student’s Needs #5

  8. Back to School: A Tutor’s Guide                                                                   

  9. How Khan Academy Can Enhance Your Tutoring Sessions

  10. Mentoring Teens

  11. Group Tutoring Best Practices

  12. Demystifying K-7 Math Common Core Standards

  13. Tutoring Students with Special Needs

  14. Making Math Fun

  15. Get Creative with the Arts!

  16. Building College Knowledge for All Ages

  17. Tackling Teens ‚Äď Working With Students in Group Homes

  18. Making Common Sense of the Common Core

  19. Technology Tips for Tutors

  20. Engaging Students in Reading

  21. Tools for Success: Lesson Planning and Session Management

  22. College Planning: A Positive Future Within Reach

  23. Taking the Struggle out of Teaching Basic Math

  24. Building Connections with Group Foster Home and Runaway Teens

  25. A Positive Approach to Tutoring


Sep 10

In-Person Workshop: Get Hands-On With Math!

Saturday, September 10, 2016
10:00 AM-12:00 PM
UCLA Mathematics Department
Math Sciences Building, Room 6221
Directions and Parking Information

Register Here

Start off the year by strengthening your own understanding of math! 

  • Increase your understanding of the Common Core Mathematics Standards‚Äô Mathematics Practices;
  • Hear about what you can do to help¬†your student(s) grow mathematically;
  • Participate in developing a conceptual understanding of a ‘big idea’ in elementary school mathematics.

This workshop is designed for all tutors who interact with students working with mathematics at the pre-high school level‚ÄĒespecially in grades 4 through 8. ¬†

Register by September 5th to reserve your spot! Refreshments will be served. 

Barbara Wells professional photoAbout the presenter:¬†Barbara Griggs Wells received a B. S. in mathematics from Howard University and spent over 30 years teaching mathematics in the District of Columbia and California public schools‚ÄĒevenly divided between junior and senior high school settings. ¬†In 1990-91 the UCLA Mathematics Department awarded her the Visiting High School Lecturer position and later she received a Ph.D. in mathematics education from UCLA with a specialty in Administration, Curriculum, and Teaching Studies. At present she enjoys working with teachers of mathematics who are interested in increasing their students‚Äô conceptual understanding of mathematics.


Jul 28

How Khan Academy Can Enhance Your Tutoring Sessions

How do you know what topics your students need help with? What can you do to make sure you’re prepared for each tutoring session? The School on Wheels Digital Learning Team explains how our academic assessments, the Khan Academy program, and our apps database can help enhance your tutoring sessions by providing more structure and personalization for your students. You will learn how to start with your students and make the most of all of your tutoring sessions. This workshop is highly recommended for all School on Wheels tutors in order to better serve our students.

Dec 10

Demystifying K-7 Math Common Core Standards

This workshop discusses the rationale behind and the implementation of common core standards in math. Participants learn how the standards are organized, including both general and grade-specific standards. Participants also gain a better understanding of the way in which the standards are taught and the rationale behind the new teaching practices and techniques. While focusing on three specific math standards, Kelsey Ritzel provides examples to help tutors teach the basic math functions in their sessions

About the presenter:

Kelsey Ritzel is the Associate Director of the High Road School in Norwalk, CT, a nonpublic Special Education school for children with emotional and learning disabilities. Prior to moving to New York, Kelsey worked as an elementary and middle school Special Education teacher in Los Angeles and Baltimore. While living in Los Angeles, Kelsey volunteered as a tutor at the School on Wheels Skid Row Learning Center. She earned her MA in teaching from Notre Dame of Maryland University with a dual certification in Elementary Education and Special Education.

Links to Additional Resources:

Common Core Standards Video
Place Value Based Addition
Place Value Based Subtraction

Aug 21

Making Math Fun

Please note: some of the information in this webinar about School on Wheels programs is outdated. The tutoring tips are still very helpful!

This workshop reviews ways to identify your student‚Äôs ‚Äėmath break,‚Äô while also providing tips and techniques to make math fun for both you and your student. Increasing the ‚Äėfun factor‚Äô during tutoring sessions will keep your student engaged and help eliminate learning gaps.

About the Presenter:

Anita Weir started college as a math major, before eventually earning a degree in Business Administration from University of Phoenix. She recently retired from her third career as an Executive Assistant. In previous careers she worked as an Insurance Claims Examiner and an Employee Benefits Specialist. She has been tutoring School on Wheels students since 2012. She lives with her family in Playa del Rey, CA.

Nov 13

Taking the Struggle out of Teaching Basic Math

This workshop reviewed some basic strategies for School on Wheels tutors to help their student understand the concepts behind the four basic operations of adding, subtracting, long division, multi-digit multiplication, and multiplication facts (times tables). With these tips, tutors can assist students to work beyond memorization and increase confidence through understanding how math works and the relationships between the operations.

About the host:

Lacy Endo-Peery has been teaching in the Los Angeles Unified School District for fifteen years. She has been a math coach for eight of those years, providing professional development for teachers, and support and tutorials for parents. She has focused on the highly successful Singapore Math program for the last four years.