Jun 19

25 Workshops Every Tutor Needs To Watch

25 Workshops Every Tutor Needs To Watch

As 2018 is our 25th Anniversary and in celebration of all things 25 we are posting a series of lists to help you our volunteers make the most of our resources.  Summer is a great time to catch up and hone your tutoring skills.  Our Education team are constantly creating and sharing workshops and webinars on various topics relating to tutoring and mentoring and here’s our TOP 25!

  1. Literacy Strategies for Older Students Struggling to Read

  2. Tutoring Solutions: Advice and Tips to Suit your Student’s Needs #6

  3. Intro to Group Tutoring and the Digital Learning Model

  4. Tutoring Commercially Sexually Exploited Children – CSEC 101

  5. What to Do When There’s Nothing to Do

  6. Changing Attitudes and Behavior in Your Tutoring Sessions

  7. Tutoring Solutions: Advice and Tips to Suit your Student’s Needs #5

  8. Back to School: A Tutor’s Guide                                                                   

  9. How Khan Academy Can Enhance Your Tutoring Sessions

  10. Mentoring Teens

  11. Group Tutoring Best Practices

  12. Demystifying K-7 Math Common Core Standards

  13. Tutoring Students with Special Needs

  14. Making Math Fun

  15. Get Creative with the Arts!

  16. Building College Knowledge for All Ages

  17. Tackling Teens – Working With Students in Group Homes

  18. Making Common Sense of the Common Core

  19. Technology Tips for Tutors

  20. Engaging Students in Reading

  21. Tools for Success: Lesson Planning and Session Management

  22. College Planning: A Positive Future Within Reach

  23. Taking the Struggle out of Teaching Basic Math

  24. Building Connections with Group Foster Home and Runaway Teens

  25. A Positive Approach to Tutoring