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Ask A Tutor Tuesday! – 9/15/2015

Ask A Tutor Tuesday! – 9/15/2015

Question: I’ve been tutoring since July, and my student recently went back to school. The last two weeks, I’ve been working on homework with her during our sessions. She has a lot, and I’m wondering how I’m supposed to do other activities in addition. How do I find the right balance? She really insists on doing her homework but some of it seems too advanced. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

—A tutor from Region 2

Hi, tutor from Region 2!

The first couple of weeks of school should include homework that’s mostly review for the student. If she is having trouble completing it on her own, you might think about contacting her teacher. Make sure you get in touch with your regional coordinator to verify that your student’s parent/guardian has signed the form that gives you permission first.

As a classroom teacher myself, I think of homework as a way for students to independently practice what they learned in class, with little or no help. Since she’s having trouble completing it, I would request that her homework be modified to contain fewer problems so that you’ll have time to work on other areas of weakness. Make sure you give her a quick assessment, which you can find here, to find where her gaps may be, or ask her teacher what skills you can work on in addition to homework. As tutors, we are an asset to classroom teachers. Don’t be afraid to reach out and work with teachers to make a plan best for your student.


About the tutor: Jackie Romo has been a School in Wheels tutor for nearly 9 years. Aside from tutoring, she teaches first grade in Rowland Heights and recently earned a Master of Science in reading. She is happy to help in any way she can to make your tutoring sessions successful!

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