Aug 10

“Ask a Tutor” Tuesdays

“Ask a Tutor” Tuesdays

Are you a current tutor looking for support and/or advice? Are you a potential tutor hoping to find out what tutoring at School on Wheels is like?

Well, we have news for you!

Beginning on August 24, School on Wheels will be running a weekly advice feature every Tuesday called Ask a Tutor Tuesday!

This blog feature will serve as the perfect opportunity to ask veteran School on Wheels tutors questions regarding their experiences and to get advice for tutoring tips and techniques.

Though all questions will receive responses from tutors or staff, the most widely-relevant questions will be publicly answered on the blog by veteran tutors. If your question is selected for publication to the blog, you may choose to include your name and region or request the use of a pseudonym to retain anonymity. It is important to note that all questions will be screened.

Now, every Tuesday you can look forward to broadening your knowledge by engaging in conversation with the many tutors and staff members who are willing to answer your questions!

If you’re interested in gaining new insight to help you perform your best as a tutor, you may submit your questions in one of the three following ways:

We look forward to hearing your questions!