Jun 24

Benny Wasserman: Einstein Look-Alike

Benny Wasserman: Einstein Look-Alike

Benny Wasserman, an Albert Einstein look-alike and an Independent Motion Pictures and Film professional, will be joining School on Wheels this Saturday, June 27, at the California Science Center. We will be attempting to create a World Record Challenge in the category for “the most people dressed as Albert Einstein”. Benny is also the author of “​Presidents Were Teenagers Too”, his published book about leadership.

We asked Benny a few questions about Einstein; here’s what he had to say…

When did you first realize that you looked like Albert Einstein?

I never thought I did!  One day after I retired, I was helping my son, an attorney, in his office;  someone said to me, “Did anyone tell you that you look like Albert Einstein?”  He knew an agent; so I sent some photos in and started getting work right away.  My first job was for a commercial in Japan.  In the role of Albert Einstein, I have traveled all over the world including Greece, Spain, and Japan.  I have also worked in movies and on TV, trade shows, print ads and public service announcements including one with Ellen DeGeneres on the energy crisis.

What do you like best about Albert Einstein, the person?

I was a great admirer of Einstein before I became his look-alike!  I even had a bust of him in my house.  Once I started learning about his personal life, he became more real to me.  For example, Einstein didn’t start talking until he was 3 years old which is quite unusual. His teachers thought he had learning difficulties because he spoke so slowly.  By 5th grade, teachers told his parents that he was stubborn and would not amount to anything; and, he was expelled in high school because he was considered difficult, a nuisance, and had poor grades.  He first started talking about philosophy with a medical student who was boarding with his family.  Kids like to know that stuff because it shows that he struggled in school, just like everyone else.

Do you have any tips for our participants on Saturday about how to dress like Einstein?

No Socks!  Albert always insisted on not wearing any; he said they only get holes in them anyway.  He usually was very uninterested in his appearance and would wear pants and sweaters that were well worn and unflattering.  His wife would make him dress up for special occasions; that is when you would see him in a shirt and tie.  Occasionally. Einstein wore glasses on the end of his nose and smoked a pipe.  But since this is a kids’ event, I don’t think he would have brought his pipe; so, neither will I!


If you’d like to participate in our Guinness World Record attempt and meet Benny Wasserman, register for free here. We will have everything needed for your costume other than a collard shirt and dress pants. You can also create your own costume consisting of a blazer, shirt and tie, dress pants, white or grey wig, and a matching mustache if you really want to impress Mr. Wasserman with your Einstein impersonation!