Jan 4

December Newsletter 2017

School on Wheels kicked off December with Program Administrator Ian Chan’s 52nd marathon of the year, which he finished at the Skid Row Learning Center. Board member and former student Angela M. Sanchez also had her first children’s book launch for Scruffy and The Egg, an adventure featuring an abandoned dog, a lost egg, and the search for family. We also had a very generous donor of the month; artist Fabienne Wen, known as Wondermei, generously hosted a volunteer appreciation event on December 2nd at her studio in Marina del Rey. Volunteers chose up to $100 of merchandise as thanks for the important work they do as tutors and mentors for homeless children. Lastly, we had our annual holiday beach party at Paradise Cove in Malibu where over 200 students came and picked out presents and had a fun day at the beach.