Jun 11

Guinness World Record Challenge

Guinness World Record Challenge

Saturday, June 27th, 2015

Do you want to be a world record breaker? Do you want to help homeless kids? Join us as we set the Guinness World Record for the “largest gathering of people dressed as Albert Einstein.” The event will take place at the California Science Center on Saturday June 27th at 9:30-10:30am. We will be raising money to provide academic resources to homeless students, advocating and raising awareness for homeless youth, and setting a world record all at the same time!

We will award prizes for the best kid’s and adult’s costumes. The costume must consist of a white or gray wig, matching mustache, blazer, necktie, and dress pants. The wig and mustache will be provided, or you can bring or grow your own! The blazer, necktie, and dress pants will not be provided, so please wear your own.


For more information, contact Sinead Chilton at schilton@schoolonwheels.org or visit our Facebook event page.