Jul 06

Grateful for our Grads

Grateful for our Grads

Read about the resiliency of the Class of 2021. Congratulations to all our amazing graduating seniors…

Creighton University, Marine Biology

Adam was doing okay in school and knew he wanted to go to college—but living in a motel with his family was taking its toll on his motivation and confidence. He was matched with a mother/daughter tutoring duo who helped him prepare for the PSAT with new learning strategies and a new perspective (his final score was 1450!) Adam says his time with School on Wheels helped him realize he can do anything he sets his mind to, regardless of his situation.

California State University Fullerton, Biological Science

Hernan will be the first in his family to attend college. His dream is to become a physician specializing in primary care. Before he met his tutor he was failing classes and did not see college in his future. Hernan says it is a great feeling to have accomplished so much and that his life is much different today than when he first met his tutor four years ago.

California State University, Fullerton

Mark plans to become a family therapist after college. When he first started tutoring with School on Wheels he was more concerned about where his family was going to sleep each night than his D’s and F’s in school. He credits his tutor Theresa with improving his self-confidence and says she taught him that school was key to being successful and to never stop dreaming!

California State University, Northridge, Speech and Language Pathology

Jenin needed help with her college applications and her tutor Jay Lee turned up at exactly the right time. She was feeling alone and disconnected from school but with his support she began to think outside of the box and aimed higher. She thinks School on Wheels is a great program for kids in her situation and says that one person can impact your life in ways you never imagined.

Plans to attend nursing school

“Don’t give up” is the mantra Angel learned from her School on Wheels tutor, Wisdom (what a great name for a tutor!). She says that his patience was the key to helping her understand math and she calls Wisdom a ‘Super Tutor’.