Sep 01

School on Wheels Class of 2023

September 01, 2023,

With the support of generous donors, we were able to treat over a dozen grads to brand-new laptops and $200 gift cards as congratulations for their successes in Graduating High School and continuing their education.

Here are just a few of the School on Wheels Class of 2023:


Maria will be attending Oxnard College in the fall, where she intends to pursue her passion for culinary arts at their esteemed Culinary School. Maria’s dream job is to become a chef, fueling her ambition to master the art of creating exquisite cuisine.

When Maria was homeless with her family, she experienced food insecurity and now gives back to the community as a volunteer at a food pantry.

I enjoy helping people. The smiles on families’ faces, especially the children, brightens my day because, at least for that night, they will not be hungry as I used to be.

My School on Wheels tutor (Kayla Conboy)  has truly made a difference in my life! I am incredibly grateful for all the support she provided, as well as the unwavering presence of School on Wheels during my educational journey.

Josiah and Miciah

Seeing double?  Twins Josiah and Miciah graduated together and plan to attend the same college in the fall with the ultimate goal of working together as photographers!

Josiah – School on Wheels has helped me so much, and it has been absolutely amazing to have a tutor like  Jocelyn.  She has taught me a lot, and we learned together.

Miciah – My tutor Natasha has been a great help. She is a great tutor. School on Wheels has been wonderful, and I am so excited to graduate. Miciah has an entrepreneurial spirit and is planning to open up a company involving a media team with his twin brother, Josiah. He is interested in designing billboards. 


Justin plans to attend college in the fall and major in Criminology.

High School was very hard in the beginning, and I was getting D’s and F’s. With the help of School on Wheels and my tutor Matthew I improved a lot in school and started gettings A’s and B’s! I not only improved my grades but my social skills too!

My biggest goal in life now that I have graduated high school is to buy a house. I want to buy myself a house because I will feel happy that I have a place to stay. I don’t want the feeling of not having a home again.


Karen was matched with a bilingual tutor Gustavo Wong who helped her with reading and writing. 

I am incredibly grateful for the immense help my School on Wheels tutor Gustavo has provided me with my homework and any subjects I’ve needed assistance with. His guidance has been invaluable. With his support, I am now on track to pursue my dream of studying Psychology in college. Furthermore, Gustavo is actively assisting me with my college applications, which means the world to me. My ultimate aspiration is to become a Clinical Psychologist, and I am sincerely thankful for the role Gustavo plays in helping me realize that dream.


Mya and her family have been living in a transitional living program for a number of years, and with the support of several School on Wheels tutors, she graduated high school in June.  She is very grateful for her tutors and all the time they dedicated to tutoring her. Mya was part of the School on Wheels Believe Understand and Succeed (BUS) program that gave her the opportunity to learn about options after high school and career paths. She is excited to start college in the fall.


My School on Wheels tutor Will Seward was great and beyond helpful with my schoolwork and planning for college. We also laughed a lot! I have been accepted at the University of The Pacific, located in Stockton, and I am currently looking for scholarships to help me with school fees.  I am applying for a School on Wheels scholarship but still have thousands of dollars to find to make my dream a reality.   This is a photo of me and my mom on my graduation day.