Sep 27

September 2021 Students of the Month

September 2021 Students of the Month

Amy, Age 6

Amy loves drawing, princesses, dancing, the letter M, tic-tac-toe, and math. A big challenge Amy worked hard to overcome was sounding out letters in the right order when reading. Her confidence has improved dramatically with practice. In the future, Amy wants to be a veterinarian and a dancer, and maybe a mathematician.
-Jessica Spake, Volunteer Tutor

Youssouf, Age 7

Youssouf loves video games (especially Minecraft and Among Us), reading comics, superheroes, inventing funny sentences, and watching Youtube. A big challenge Youssouf has faced was writing on the tablet; at first he said “I can’t write”, but he worked hard and now he writes long words without hesitation. In the future, Youssouf wants to be a policeman and a gamer.
-Jessica Spake, Volunteer Tutor

Benjamin, Age 9

Benjamin has an innate curiosity and tends to think outside of the box. I can tell he is creative, and already has certain passions/interests that he is developing. He is a really, really good kid. One challenge that Benjamin faces is how to struggle through uncertainty to get to an answer. Benjamin likes playing games that require building things. I hope he finds passion in any endeavor that requires creating.
-Mohammad Fidaali, Volunteer Tutor

Miguel, Age 13

Miguel is kind, responsible, and has a great attitude toward life. He has a growth mindset, even when working on challenging schoolwork. He is also a good big brother. Some concepts in math and language art have been a challenge, as well as just keeping up with all of the work from multiple classes. We work on it by always starting with an overview of the calendar, courses, or upcoming work. Then, we dive into a specific lesson. Miguel loves gaming. We talk about the possibility of going to college to study gaming and be a part of e-sports.
-Kelly Bauer, Volunteer Tutor

Amy dreams of becoming a photographer in the future. Working with Amy has taught me a lot about patience and perseverance. Solidifying new concepts in math takes a lot of practice and can be frustrating, but Amy never gives up.

Jeremiah, Age 11

Jeremiah is special because he is determined and excited to learn and grow during each of our tutoring sessions. He has a positive mindset and is willing to take the necessary steps to ensure that he understands what he is learning both at school and during our tutoring sessions. During our tutoring sessions, Jeremiah struggles with math problems that involve words. We are working to overcome this barrier by trying to relate the problems we are solving to everyday scenarios that Jeremiah might encounter and understand. Jeremiah hopes to become a gaming YouTuber, actor, or boxer in the future.
-Michael Yu, Volunteer Tutor

Alex is really enthusiastic about multiple things such as Legos and drawing. He has a really creative mind and has a lot of ideas whenever we have time to do some drawing activities.