Dec 12

Students of the Month – December 2017

Students of the Month – December 2017


Savanna (4th Grade) – Savanna is a passionate and eager student. I ended our first online tutoring session utterly blown away by her curiosity, grit, and desire to learn. Each session she is less and less shy and whether we’re playing tic-tac-toe or working on a complex math problem, Savanna always brings the same level of energy and enthusiasm. It has been particularly rewarding to see her progress in multiplication; after just a few sessions, she has progressed from two-digit multiplication to more complex compound multiplication! In our online group sessions, Savanna helps explain to her fellow students their work too. Congrats, Savanna! – Aidan Stern, Online Tutor
Region 4:

Arriana (Grade 4) – I have been working with a sweet and lively 4th grader by the name of Arriana. Arriana is a lovely young lady that loves her three sisters, enjoys school and is very positive about life. Every week, she looks forward to what library books I will bring, as she loves to read to me. Recently, I asked to review her school planner and was so humbled to see that she even wrote my name in her planner on our tutoring day. When I recently asked Arriana what she would like to focus on, she wanted to do some science as her school does not spend a lot of time on that subject. So this week I brought supplies to do the classic diet cola and mentos experiment. Arriana and her sisters loved it! Now that I have discovered a fun reward (science), I plan to have a weekly experiment to positively end each session. I’m so glad that I have this opportunity to work with School on Wheels. It is such a rewarding experience! – Cathy Anderson, Tutor
Region 8:

Eduardo (age 15) When I first met Eduardo, he didn’t speak a word. It was his first time in a group home and I think he was probably in shock. Over the last few weeks, he has started talking more and is always willing to participate in our activities. Eduardo enjoys hands-on activities such as cooking and pumpkin carving. He took extra care when he was cleaning out his pumpkin. I didn’t get to see the final product but asked him the following session how his pumpkin turned out. He smiled and said he was happy with it and he carved a jack-o-lantern face. His smile said a thousand words. We are making progress and I know that he will continue to open up and learn how to cope with his new surroundings.
– Mandi Evans and Dianelli Gomez,