Sep 08

Students of the Month – September 2017

Students of the Month – September 2017

Region 2:

Gabriella (5th Grade) is a very passionate student. She gets very excited talking about her friends and family members, and even when doing her math problems. She rushes through them so eagerly that I have to remind her to slow down. She has a strong sense of loyalty and righteousness and tells me stories of how she stood up for a friend, or asked to sing an extra song at church for her father on Father’s Day. Her nature is beautifully genuine.
– Lina Suh,


Region 3:

Krystyna’s (7th Grade) most impressive quality is her deep sense of self-awareness; she very well understands her own strengths and weaknesses. In the beginning of summer, we developed a plan together. Every week we practiced math skills. Krystyna sometimes felt discouraged, but instead of giving up, she wanted to discuss the thought process that she used to solve problems. With this approach, she rarely made the same mistakes again.  It has been truly amazing to see Krystyna build confidence in her least favorite subject! – Ryan Hong, Tutor


Carnell (10th Grade) Before moving to Victorville with his family, Carnell never had his own tutor. Since joining the School on Wheels online tutoring program in the High Desert, Carnell enjoys tutoring twice a week with two different online tutors – one from Cupertino and one from Washington. Carnell’s tutors describe him as a curious learner with a natural inclination towards entrepreneurship and business.
– Ian Chan, Program Administrator (School on Wheels, Inc.)