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Students of the Month – April 2018

Students of the Month – April 2018


Ben (Kindergarten) – loves to meet with his online tutor each week. He doesn’t say much, but he loves practicing counting out loud and playing “Alphabet BINGO”. The School on Wheels online tutoring program is designed for students from 2nd to 12th grade – curious, focused, and delightfully engaged, Ben is a wonderful exception. Go, Ben! – Ian Chan, Program Administrator



Skid Row Learning Center:

Royona (3rd Grade) – Royona is a focused, quiet, 3rd grader who is joy to work with. She helps around the Center, completes her homework with zeal and has the sunniest disposition. Lover of puzzles, silent laugher, and Queen of Khan Academy; Royona has earned Student of the Month!
– Jason Wright,
Skid Row Learning Center Specialist



Region 5:

With every tutoring session my student continues to inspire me and remind me why education is so liberating, no matter how hard the week has been.– Kayla Williams

I have loved getting to know all of the kids and it has been a privilege to watch them grow over the course of the past 6 months.
– Annika Moen

The kids are so much fun and it’s been great to work with them and see their skills and confidence grow! – Ellen Prince

I have really enjoyed seeing the progress made over the year. There were some students who struggled with reading and to see them persevere and make progress has been rewarding. – Sara Woldegebriel

Nothing compares to seeing a child gain confidence and grow as a student, and we have all grown to love these kids and look forward seeing them every week. – Dalia Quezada

Working with the kids allows me to take a moment and focus all of my energy on someone else. It’s definitely tough but I really enjoy being a tutor! – Darla Howell

It has been amazing to get to know all of the kids and I look forward to working with them every week. – Gianna Zinnen