Jul 25

Students of the Month – July 2023

July 25, 2023

Alejandra – Age 16

Alejandra is always so positive. She comes in each day with wonderful curiosity and an eagerness to learn. She is always in an upbeat and positive mood and is so supportive of her classmates. Alejandra is an inspiring young person and she brings joy to everyone around her. 

At first Alejandra was at first very shy about speaking English. Each day I look for ways to boost her confidence and get her excited about the immense progress she is making. I have noticed her using her English a lot more and it’s amazing to watch her grow both academically and personally. She is very interested in going to Oxford University in England. She would like to be a psychologist, but can also see herself becoming a tattoo artist as well. Either way, she eventually would like to return to her country of Nicaragua and have an animal farm. 

For me, Alejandra is a lesson every day in choosing positivity and happiness. She is so kind and doesn’t let anyone or anything bring her down. She reminds me to always be curious, always be learning, and always keep my chin up. 

– Leigh Beaulieu, Tutor

Zoe – Age 6

Zoe is so friendly and kind. Last week, she tried to comfort a little girl who was crying, and she did it with such compassion and concern. English is her second language, and she finds speaking, writing and reading English challenging. To address this, we have focused on integrating learning English through play time, like playing alphabet UNO, word bingo, or just speaking English through stuffed animals and puppets. 

Zoe’s short-term hopes and dreams involve spending more time with her family and friends (including more swimming during this hot summer)! She has taught me what resilience looks like; despite a difficult year, Zoe shows up at every session and tries to learn, even when learning can be tough for her. 

– Esther Weese, Tutor

Tyrce – Age 6

Tyrce has an incredible work ethic. He is naturally very bright, but due to his circumstances he is significantly behind his peers in most subjects. He is just 5, but manages to come in prepared and always asks me to stay a few more minutes so we can tackle another skill. 

Every opportunity he has to talk about his goals and dreams, Tyrce says he wants a big house. Every picture he draws is of his family inside of a very big house. Every time we spend time together, he reminds me of the importance of being kind to others.

– Vanessa Fishman, Tutor