May 30

Students of the Month – May 2023

May 30, 2023

Kaili – Age 15

Kaili is a hard worker and sticks with learning until she understands. Math has been difficult for her, so we do practice problems together to find areas we can improve on.

One of Kaili’s dreams is to go to law school. The dedication and tenacity she shows in our tutoring sessions makes me think she just might make this dream a reality.

Working with Kaili has taught me that determination carries us through challenges.

– Pasha Mehranpour, Tutor

Daniel – Age 13

What makes my student Daniel special is that when he cares and tries, he excels. He is amazing at mathematics and has a very impressive grasp of logic.

Daniel found reading comprehension difficult. The way that we have worked on it is by reading short stories and answering follow up questions together. Depending on how he does on the questions, I’ll have him repeat the story to me either by paragraph or by sentence, which we have found very helpful. He has also found social studies at school difficult but has improved significantly after we began making flashcards together with supplies provided from School On Wheels.

Daniel is not sure what he wants to pursue just yet. However, he has immense talent in math and a passion for soccer. What I’ve learned from Daniel is to not underestimate anyone. When we started working together I was almost discouraged, but Daniel has repeatedly proven me wrong and has inspired me in so many ways. He has even taught me different ways to solve his math homework problems!

– Jeanie Nguyen, Tutor

Esteban – Age 12

Esteban’s primary language is Spanish but he has been learning all subjects in school in English. As he progresses, he is becoming truly bilingual. He has shown amazing commitment to his education and to our program.

Seeing Esteban’s commitment and hard work has inspired me to add days to our schedule; lately, we have been meeting up to 5 or 6 times a week. It’s exciting to watch Esteban learn and excel in his English-speaking school.

Working with Esteban has taught me to be patient and take time, sticking with the work and letting the rewards come when they do.

– Daniela Soto, Tutor