Nov 06

Students of the Month – Nov. 2019

Students of the Month – Nov. 2019


Age 16

DeAndre would like to be a software engineer. He loves Fortnite, all things Marvel (especially Spider-Man), YouTube, and math. We have studied together for a big World War II history test, practiced getting ahead in his math classes using a Geometry workbook, and had informative lessons about earning credit, minimum wages, resume building, salary negotiations, and other applicable skills.

Christina Schoellkoph, Tutor


Age 7

Kyla loves to draw–mainly animals–and enjoys science. Her love for science is sparked by discovering new things like fossils and dinosaurs. She also loves ice cream! She struggles a bit to stay focus but has greatly improved each time I have been with her. When she grows up she wants to become an artist, doctor, scientist, a famous dancer or singer. Oh, and she wants a peacock for a pet. Kyla has taught me that an interest in school can help you dream big. The perseverance that she has shown tells me that she has a bright future ahead.

Nathalie Martinez, Tutor


Age 13

Anthony wants to go to college and to work on solving global warming. Math is an academic challenge that we have worked on together. Working with Anthony has taught me that being humble is one of the best personality traits someone can have, and also how important it is to always be open to learning new things.

Eden Ettenger, Tutor


Age 8

Azekial is very interested in video games and drawing, and enjoys cartoons like Teen Titans Go. I think that one of the biggest challenges we have faced was trying to get him familiar with the way time is represented on a clock. At first, he couldn’t identify the times in the pictures, but now he has made much progress. Azekial isn’t yet sure what he would like to do in the future, but is a very bright student so I’m sure he will make it far.

Nivitha Kandula, Tutor


Age 14

Jacob likes to ride his bike and skateboard, and to practice tricks on them. He is also enjoys video games and watching YouTube. At school, PE is his favorite subject. His dream job would be a professional BMX rider. On weekends, Jacob sometimes helps out a family member with handyman jobs which allows him to learn how to fix things. This gives him the opportunity to discover if there is a trade that he would be interested in pursuing when he finishes high school.

Chris Smith, Tutor