Nov 28

Students of the Month – November 2022

November 28, 2022

Ashley – Age 9


Ashley is always in a good mood, eager to learn/read, a great artist, and loves her family. Even when she’s tired she puts in effort. Her personality is just so warm and kind.

Technical difficulties and challenging schedules sometimes make it hard to get as much out of our sessions as we’d like, but Ashley puts in the effort to show up and do her best. We mostly focus on reading stories and I’ve noticed her reading skill and comprehension have improved. She gets into the stories and we try to predict what will happen or why things are happening.

Ashley has mentioned wanting to be a veterinarian or police officer. I don’t think she has landed on a specific career yet, but with her naturally caring, positive, jovial, energetic attitude, I believe she will be successful in whatever she chooses to do.

– Alexander Welsh, Tutor

Adonis – Age 9


Adonis is an amiable, thoughtful, and kind child who loves sharing his favorite things to do, especially when he discovers new games to play. Reading has been challenging, so I have been trying different reading programs to see their effectiveness. We enjoy reading/listening to books and worksheets that involve vocabulary and grammar rules. 

Adonis once talked to me about how he wants to buy his parents a big house to live in and a truck for his dad, which I thought was very considerate of him. It just shows how much he loves his family. 

My time with Adonis has taught me patience, confidence, and adaptability, but the most important thing I learned was positivity. He is usually in a positive mood during sessions and it is very contagious. It makes my day when he joins the session with a very happy attitude and greets me with a big smile. 

– Jennifer Lozano Huerta, Tutor

Ashton – Age 16


Ashton has a strong passion and natural instincts for math and music. Although loving math, mastering how to not make small mistakes is challenging, especially during tests. We work on how to analyze questions to understand everything that is being asked, to help notice all the small but important details. 

Ashton says he wants to become an engineer working at NASA, and also to master the piano. 

I’ve learned a lot working with Ashton, primarily to always be positive and hopeful about the future. 

– Shiqing Liao, Tutor