Nov 22

Students of the Month – November 2023

November 22, 2023

Monserat – Age 7

My student Monserat is so thoughtful and selfless. It comes so naturally to her.

We are still working on learning to read. She loves art so I try to incorporate creativity into reading and writing as much as possible. 

Monserat would love to help others. She hopes to be able to one day go to college and become a tutor herself. 

Volunteering as a tutor has taught me so much about gratitude and patience. If any of this sounds interesting to you, try it for yourself.

– Amy Marchiando, Tutor

Natalie – Age 15

Natalie is hard-working, a high achiever, and resilient. It’s inspiring to see her confront the more difficult math problems we have been working on and practice problems to overcome the challenges.

Natalie’s hope is to attend San Diego State University and her dream is to become a pilot in the Air Force to help people.

Volunteering as a tutor has taught me the importance of overcoming challenges and never giving up.

– Arman Khzrtian, Tutor